Top Features of ESL Wire
Integrated ESL Wire Anti-Cheat Technology
The Anti-Cheat solution with Multi-Game Support

Wire Anti-Cheat in VERSUS
ESL Wire Anti-Cheats also protects VERSUS

Matchmedia Upload
Automated upload for screenshots & replays

Buddy-, Lobby- and Teamchat
Chat with your buddies or opponents

ESL Wire Download
Download ESL Wire
(32bit / 64bit Version) with ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
Your connection to us!
If you know an exploit to shutdown ESL Wire Anti-Cheat completely or if you encountered the cheat of the year, you can always contact us directly. Feel free to mail us to:
ESL Wire News
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Do not use virtual machines!
Playing in a virtual machine (VM) is strictly forbidden. Mac & Linux users can dualboot Windows by installing it on another partition. Mac users can do this using Bootcamp. We hope you understand and apologise for the inconvenience.
ESL Wire/Anti-Cheat Support
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