In memory of RAGE.eSports vs. Ex-MYM.WC3
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 In memory of RAGE.eSports
Status: closed
MatchID 15873353
Date Sunday, 13 December 16:00
Calculated Monday, 01 February 14:06
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Result Media
1on1:  Secret Valley, <tba><tba>
Ngt.Sonik : LucifroN7
1on1:  Amazonia, <tba><tba>
Ngt.Sonik : LucifroN7
1on1:  Echo Isles, <tba><tba>
TRH.c-club : ReMinD
1on1:  Ancient Isle, <tba><tba>
TRH.c-club : ReMinD
2on2:  Twisted Meadows, <tba><tba>
Ngt.Sonik, : ReMinD, LucifroN7
Points :
Sunday, 13 December 17:48
Sonik vs Lucifron AZ*
177 kB, Sunday, 13 December 17:48, by EndarS
Sunday, 13 December 17:23
Sonik vs Lucifron SV*
96 kB, Sunday, 13 December 17:23, by EndarS
Sunday, 13 December 18:27
Tresh vs Remind AI*
69 kB, Sunday, 13 December 18:27, by EndarS
Sunday, 13 December 18:46
Tresh vs Remind Acematch*
94 kB, Sunday, 13 December 18:46, by EndarS
Sunday, 13 December 18:08
Tresh vs Remind EI*
59 kB, Sunday, 13 December 18:08, by EndarS
Sunday, 13 December 17:05
nG vs MYM 2on2 LT*
128 kB, Sunday, 13 December 17:05, by EndarS
Sunday, 13 December 16:46
nG vs MYM 2on2 TM*
267 kB, Sunday, 13 December 16:46, by EndarS
* No longer available

13/12/09 12:52
2on2 map 2: Lost Temple (ROC)
nGt.Sonik vs. MYM.LucifroN7 0:2
nGt.TRH.c-club vs. MYM.ReMinD 1:1
nGt.Sonik & nGt.Verdi vs. MYM.ReMinD & MYM.LucifroN7 0:2
ACE-Match: nGt.TRH.c-club vs. MYM.ReMinD 0:1

Total score: 1:6
12/12/09 12:07
Today we face the team nGt. At the moment they only have Sonik and Treshin their lineup, two very strong players. Especially Sonik is a really underestimated good player who already bet some "big names". So I'm sure that we will have a great clanwar with exciting matches. Cheer for us, watch our games, gl to nGt

Hasta Luego,


12/12/09 11:37
nGt Statement
Hello everyone!

Another match of WC3L turns us to face the team, which performance during the previous season rocked the community till foundation, and which could do nothing but to become even stronger this season. While drastic changes took place in our line-up, we’re facing our tonight’s opponent with the motivation being doubled and unquenchable wish to show all our playing abilities.
The tensions in the group are growing, and such teams as WE and MYM will fight for every single point now, as ieS had raised the qualification standart for making way into the play-off stage, and to it’s impermissible to lose points trying to clear that bar.
So, perhaps, I’ll put the exclamation mark here, hope to see a lot of good games and spectacular battles. Good luck!
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epic cw!
Demuslims time =)
Hmmmmmmmm :-) no )
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