eXpertise vs. Ex-MYM.WC3
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Status: closed
MatchID 15873347
Date Sunday, 29 November 16:00
Calculated Monday, 01 February 14:02
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Result Media
1on1:  Plunder Isle 2.0, <tba><tba>
GuangMo : LucifroN7
1on1:  Melting Valley, <tba><tba>
GuangMo : LucifroN7
1on1:  Ancient Isle, <tba><tba>
bosuhe : ReMinD
1on1:  Secret Valley, <tba><tba>
bosuhe : ReMinD
2on2:  Gnoll Wood, <tba><tba>
bosuhe, : LucifroN7, ReMinD
eX : MYM
Points :
Sunday, 29 November 19:08
Bosuhe vs Lucifron Acematch*
95 kB, Sunday, 29 November 19:08, by EndarS
Sunday, 29 November 16:57
Bosuhe vs Remind SV*
95 kB, Sunday, 29 November 16:57, by EndarS
Sunday, 29 November 16:40
bosuhe vs. ReMinD AI*
105 kB, Sunday, 29 November 16:40, by 913676
Sunday, 29 November 17:23
eX vs MYM 2on2 GW*
178 kB, Sunday, 29 November 17:23, by EndarS
Sunday, 29 November 17:40
eX vs MYM 2on2 TR*
144 kB, Sunday, 29 November 17:40, by EndarS
* No longer available

29/11/09 13:32
2on2 map 2: Turtle Rock
]eX[GuangMo vs. MYM.LucifroN7 0:2 (defwin)
]eX[bosuhe vs. MYM.ReMinD 1:1
]eX[bosuhe & ]eX[Revenant vs. MYM.LucifroN7 & MYM.ReMinD 0:2
ACE-Match: ]eX[bosuhe vs. MYM.LucifroN7 0:1

Total score: 1:6
25/11/09 06:57
3 Playday
Hello Fans, here we go after a probably sad playday 2 where we could have won WE with 6:1 and only did 4:3 we are eager to earn the next points vs eX. They had some major leaves in the past with moonfans and apm they lost their key players.
So it will be a secret whom will be playing. I hope we can pull out a fantastic match for the fans aswell as much points to claim in the ranking in the top. Good Luck and Fun for our opponents eX.
28/11/09 05:34
Prematch statement
tommorow we will face MYM, and our team has some major change recentely. Hope we have good luck. GL & HF
comments (5)
Hey Dooki/ shket please answer me asap in icq/msn that we can schedule the clanwar, thx.
Good luck & Have fun!
PI/MV is preponed to 15:00 CET.
plz change ace replay it shows 2v2 eg vs srs
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