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Status: closed
MatchID 15873343
Date Friday, 06 November 16:30
Calculated Monday, 01 February 13:59
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Result Media
1on1:  Secret Valley, <tba><tba>
Future : ReMinD
1on1:  Ancient Isle, <tba><tba>
Future : ReMinD
1on1:  Melting Valley, <tba><tba>
Sky : LucifroN7
1on1:  Echo Isles, <tba><tba>
Sky : LucifroN7
2on2:  Lost Temple (ROC), <tba><tba>
TeD, : ReMinD, LucifroN7
Points :
Friday, 06 November 18:53
2on2 WE vs MYM Goldshire*
238 kB, Friday, 06 November 18:53, by 913676
Friday, 06 November 19:35
2on2 WE vs MYM LT*
185 kB, Friday, 06 November 19:35, by 913676
Friday, 06 November 17:23
Future vs. ReMinD AI*
104 kB, Friday, 06 November 17:23, by 913676
Friday, 06 November 17:06
Future vs. ReMinD SV*
136 kB, Friday, 06 November 17:06, by 913676
Friday, 06 November 18:12
Sky vs. Lucifron EI*
122 kB, Friday, 06 November 18:12, by 913676
Friday, 06 November 17:49
Sky vs. Lucifron MV*
139 kB, Friday, 06 November 17:49, by 913676
Friday, 06 November 19:18
TeD vs. ReMinD TM Acematch*
116 kB, Friday, 06 November 19:18, by 913676
* No longer available

02/12/09 05:12
2on2 map 2: Goldshire
WE.Future vs. MYM.ReMinD 1:1
WE.Sky vs. MYM.LucifroN7 0:2
WE.TeD & WE.Like vs. MYM.ReMinD & MYM.LucifroN7 1:1
ACE-Match: WE.TeD vs. MYM.ReMinD 1:0

Total score: 3:4
04/11/09 12:21
Hi everyone,

today we had our first match vs team eX and we actually did not lose a single map which makes it 7:0 in our favour. That's quite a lot of points for one day and it definitely looks easier than it was!

However, our next match is on friday already, this time versus MYM! We used to play them quite often recently due to NGL finals. But this time it is a very different system and I am sure MYM wants to take revenge for their loss at the NGL finals.
Well, I hope for fair games and that we can get some good hosts and maybe we will see a surprise in the line-up. Most interesting and exciting would be a close 4:3 victory by winning the ace-map at the end of the match.

All in all I wish MYM the best of luck and may the better team win! Big thanks goes to our loyal sponsors PEPSI, RAZER, GIGABYTE, KINGSTON, KAPPA and for their huge support. Please also follow us on twitter: !!!!
05/11/09 10:43
Statement vs. WE
So today we are facing Team World Elite. We already had a bad start in the WC3L with a 3:4 lose against ieS.

This lose was really unlucky and I think that we just really had a bad day.
We knew that ieS is a very strong team but in the end they performed great and we really bad.

On the 2nd pladay we are facing the team to that we lost two times in the last month in NGL.
Every time the cws were really exciting so I think that everybody should watch this clanwar again, because this one will be exciting once more.
It will be really difficult to win this clanwar but I think nothing is impossible!

So get ready to rumble and have fun, gl to WE,

Hasta Luego,
comments (7)
gogo MYM go!!
gl both teams :>
go MYM!
the lost temple match is wrong..its other version xD
LucifroN ENORME!
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