Team ALTERNATE vs. Good Old Times by Mars and D3viL
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 Good Old Times by Mars and D3viL
Status: closed
MatchID 8153837
Date Thursday, 13/12/07 13:00
Calculated 13/12/07 15:46
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1on1:  Echo Isles, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
1on1:  Turtle Rock, <tba><tba>
<unknown> : <unknown>
1on1:  Terenas Stand, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  Secret Valley, <tba><tba>
<unknown> : <unknown>
2on2:  Lost Temple(ROC), <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
Team ALTERNATE wins !
ALTERNATE aTTaX | 3 : 0 blubb

13/12/07 05:31

Secret Valley preponed to 17:00 pm CET. (postponed by sCa)
comments (102)
mtw 3-1 hoorai. gg gl @ next season
mtw vs GG
sCa vs hoorai!
starComa Fighting!
nice maps :D
lol :D wer hätte das gedacht :P
HI ALL !!! :D
big suprise---i like sca,but elfi is beste player in this whole hoorai wiil win
lol'd @ #1
go sCa

gl hoorai
#8 agree, will be rly hard for sca without a new addition.
but with good seedings sca has a realistic chance.
elfi - coru
naniwa - dark
dna - yaws
bringer - impact
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Yeah coru! nice to meet u here with u gang :)
SCA FIGHTING!!! (cheer) :P
zomg thunder hi! :D
wieso hat hoorai ne deutsche flagge ... tzz
#17 die selbe frage stell ich mir auch immer wieder, wenn ich der deutschen nationalelf zuschau
stay at english ! :S

gogo hoorai ;)
1:3 !
well i gues nobody expected sca to be here and they are still the underdogs but even if hoorai is the favourite they shouldnt underestimate sca. 3:1 hoorai i gues
#8 lol are you serious? elfi is a really smart player, I agree, but lets not overrate him. His micro is only average and he only shines in a few matchups. There are at least 10 players in this qualy that are better than him. But he is definetly most improved player over last couple month.
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#21 examples please? (aka. who 10?)
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he's still crying, we beat gravitas, i bet 10 out of his better10 are russian/ukrainian/belarussian
#22 he wont count u.
#22 HoT, XyLigan, Rob, th000, sai, xiaot, satiini, rainbow are probably better, and lyc, rotti, sonkie, neytpoh, kiwi, LW or nani are maybe at the same level. But it's not even sure first i said are better, elfi become so strong...

I would have say 3-0 for hoorai before sCa met mTw but this match could be closer ^^
Don't think rob/rainbow/sai are better :)

Could be a interesting match with the sCa players in shape but I think hoorai will take it.

gl hf
#23 shh GG > Hoorai, they'd beat you guys 3/4 times. Their solo lineup is a lot stronger.
#22 -->#25
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1man show elfi is not enough for german sca power:/

dark>elfi. Watch kode5 germany:D
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put any decent orc against elfi and you're prolly gonna get a point.
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sca players in shape: impact = moon
Yaws = Sky
Coru = Tod
Dark = Lyn

3:0 Sca for sure !
you know.. id REALLY want to see elfi in WC3L again, this would make his career.. but i always root for the underdogs.. so gogo SCA! hoorai through LB !!!!!
Maybe Fisch should play vs hoorai`s undeads? :x
GL sCa, gogo 3:2!
Is that a joke impact.... ^^
#30 hehe tats funny
gogo elfi !!!
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sca players in shape:
impact > moon
Yaws > Sky
Coru > Tod
Dark > Lyn

3:0 Sca for sure !

And FISCH ???
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#25: XyLigan agreed
#25 I would say that rainbow is the only one that is better than elfi atm in the qualy... maybe xiaot is alittle bit better when he play offline but I dont think he is better overall than elfi when he plays online.. sonkie and rotti have some very good games and are very strong atm, but still elfi played very good the last 2-3 months.

on the last 30 games elfi played ( he have lost once vs grubby, sonkie, focus and kiwi, and twice vs who.. he have won all games vs undead and nelf... that is impressive! ;)
and he lost to sca.dark @ kode 5
hahah Satiini ist the best player in the Quali.
He was in one of the MVP in the last Wc3l Season....
#37 plz dont overrate elfi too much... hes a good player, but plz dont tell me now that u rly wanna say elfi>hot... thats just bullshit. what did elfi achieve so far? exactly! 0! he won some online games thats all. hes a good player and if your team manage to win the wc3l qualification he can grow more and win someday a good solo turney. but atm hes far away from that.

#38 impressive? that a ud wins against a ne? dont think so...

may the bette team win, would be nice to see both teams in the upcoming wc3l season.
sCa 3-2
german are ruining this game
After the swedish folks totally killed it or what? ;D
btw the maps suck like Hell!!!!
lol #43 how did you come up with that conclusion?
Well normally i would say that sCa got no chance ... but concerning their last performances - gogo sCa!!!
3:2 hoorai
go sca!
sca making it would be epic.
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