RAPTOR-GAMING vs. fnaticMSI.wc3
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MatchID 8649610
Date Sunday, 03/02/08 09:00
Calculated 05/02/08 10:15
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1on1:  Lost Temple(ROC), <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
1on1:  Terenas Stand, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
1on1:  Secret Valley, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
1on1:  Turtle Rock, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
2on2:  Avalanche, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 1 : 2 <unknown>
fnaticMSI.wc3 wins !
raptor 1 : 4 fnaticMSI
Points +1 : +4
 Name Ratio Summe Diff
     Wins Losses   
 1.  1214306   4.00 4 1 +3
 2.  1521054   4.00 4 1 +3
 3.  1815250   3.00 2 0 +2
 4.  759255   1.00 3 3 0
 5.  2325888   0.50 1 2 -1
 6.  IamLiiLD.C   0.25 1 4 -3

02/02/08 11:35
Go vs PGS
Hello everybody!

After our 1:4 loss versus WICKED eSports we play on Sunday versus almost our next Clan : ). It&rsquo;s the &ldquo;Polish&rdquo; Organization Team Pentagramm, with they new players LiiLD.C, Zeus and Fury. Eric and LiiLDC.C are definitely the stars of this team and PGS is for us direct competitor this Season, so we need to win this match.

GL Trimble and Co.
01/02/08 22:38
PGS.PS vs. Clan Go
Second playday kicked of yesterday, and here we "Go" again with another match featuring PGS.PS.

After our successful first playday, we made a statement regarding the other teams fighting for the upper playdown and possibly lower playoff ranks.

Clan Go on the other hand had one of the worst starts imaginable after losing with a 1-4 score to their fellow Korean team WICKED.

I see Go as a direct competitor to us, and therefore a win should be what we need to aim for.

Best of luck Go.
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hope Go wins this match, but will be hard for him. Go Go) :)
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PGS will win, no doubt about it. Paladyn & Zeus > GO
space will shine! go GO
shade liild.c eric > wr go :)
#3 maybe PGS will win, but paladyn and zeus <<<<< GO :)
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i see pgs getting owned.
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SDMK FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eric mhs

<00:15:54> [All] PGS.PS.EricM: those spikes
<00:15:57> [All] PGS.PS.EricM: save game
<00:16:03> [All] Kuroro-: maybe its just the maphack dude
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Go Go GO !!!
PGS 3:2 GO
Space good luck!
cheering for space and paladyn hf guys!!
Gogo Eric!
cheering for PGS. I Hope the 4k guys gonna play
gogo pgs
1on1: Lost Temple(ROC), <tba><tba>
Eric > Kei
1on1: Terenas Stand, <tba><tba>
LiiLD.C > Ohjie.
1on1: Secret Valley, <tba><tba>
TRH.c-club < Space-
1on1: Turtle Rock, <tba><tba>
ShaDe < MinHyuk
2on2: Avalanche, <tba><tba>
Eric, LiiLD.C > Space-, Ohjie.

3-2 for PGS
#18 we'll see :) gl mordy wy moje
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gogogo Go
Go GO!
Space- faitin
lol shitty lineup for pgs
IT's not good
nice GO !! make 4:1 gogo
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Uh LiilD.C Played so great in Zotac yesterday only to get 2-0 by ohjie... :(
#27 maybe because Ohjie is a great player : )
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Space so nice
At #28 Uh Im pretty sure Grubby > Ohjie and D.C took 2 games from grubby yesterday damn near 3.
#30 Although LiLD.C win 2/5 games against grubby doesnt mean that he has to win against ohjie
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hmm where the hell is zeus??? omg :>
When is play Shade??
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