SK Gaming vs. Team ALTERNATE
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 SK Gaming
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MatchID 8649608
Date Friday, 01/02/08 11:00
Calculated 01/02/08 20:39
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1on1:  Lost Temple(ROC), <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  Turtle Rock, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  Gnoll Wood, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
1on1:  Echo Isles, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
2on2:  Gnoll Wood, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
SK Gaming wins !
Points +5 : 0
 Name Ratio Summe Diff
     Wins Losses   
 1.  804587   3.00 2 0 +2
 2.  2282245   3.00 2 0 +2
 3.  1063428   2.00 4 2 +2
 4.  2728612   2.00 4 2 +2
 5.  DeMusliM   0.50 1 2 -1
 6.  XlorD   0.00 0 2 -2
 7.  643137   0.50 2 4 -2
 8.  YAWS   0.25 1 4 -3
SK Gaming
29/01/08 03:40
2nd playday vs attax. very impressive performance during the qualifier and well they prooved again how strong they are beating mtw 3-2. We gonna meet our old memeber xlord which gonna be fun and the rest of the team are really talented so its gonna be a fun war to watch. We got a pretty good record of winning streak right now i hope it wont break in the near future.

good luck to attax =)
29/01/08 09:09
Uh Oh!
In this match we will face last seasons WC3L-Champion SK-Gaming! Looking at their last war against WE, i have to admit they seem to be in a convincingly strong shape right now.
Still now they have to face us, the mighty aTTaX-Team... and who the fuck is WE anyway?...
Obviously we have the stronger lineup, but with the luck of seedings on their side and 3 exptomes per game, they can actually take 2-3 maps from us. That would be really disappointing for us, since we expect a clear 5:0 10:0 victory.
Our goal is to totally wipe SK-Gaming off the WC3L-Map.

*gape* *yawn* ....just woke up, sup guys? Gotta write that Statement now.
The match vs SK-Gaming will be a really hard one for our team and we know they are one of the strongest WC3 Teams out there. Its no coincidence that they managed to take the title last season and im sure they want to add another one this time.
Since we managed to win our last match against mTw we are very motived to repeat that though. We clearly are the underdog in this match, but we all know small guys can make giants stagger. David had his slingshot, the greeks the trojan horse and we have Uri Geller bending their spoons...ehrm chopsticks....hmm...fuck it8[.

But lets finish this thing now! We are looking forward to a nice war and we will do everything we can to deliver you guys entertaining games of Warcraft. And who knows, maybe we can convince them to stick their chopsticks into their noses, pretending to be a walrus....hehe...funny picture.

Im uebrigen bin ich der Meinung, dass Karthago zerstoert werden sollte.
comments (86)
Xlord 5:0
reign might lose to xlord...
otherwise 5:0 for sk
01.02.2008 // 17:00 Cet is the date seems like admins forgot to update it.
#3 Right.
Reis is right.
wow these a really good maps for SK.. and after the 5-0 last round, i have to say coru and yaws 2-0 their opponents
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ReiGn 10-0 aTTaX
SK fightin'
i cant imagine attax making it... xlord will properly score if he meets remind, remaining attax-players wont do much vs sk in such shape :/
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SK 5-0 attax
Or 4-1, if Miou will play instead of one of the koreans.
hmm dont think miou must fear any german player, except maybe hasuobs/protois.
corus statement just rocks :D
lol nice Coru, that was really funny :)
and the next 5;0 win for SK ? ;)
SK will win this,
xlord could score vs reign remind and miou and maybe yaws shows some awsome performance and wins too(remind not that good shope plus german towers>elf) and i hope miou is playing
Auf gehts aTTaX!!!
sk suck!!!! go attax
interesting match, but i think it will be SK 4-1 aTTaX, with close games, but mostly 2-0 wins for SK :(

gl aTTaX, hope you can surprise again
Sk 3 - attax 2

games for xlord and demuslim.

coru's statement was really nice. Specially the dreaming part ;)
hmm...SK will win this one I think, but I can't be sure; aTTaX can be amazing...time will tell.
gl hf both
SK 5-0 aTTaX sry but SK way toooo good
would be so fun if attax where able to get some points... :P glhf
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imba statement Coru:)
XLord 5:0
demus and ixi fighting
in NGL One Demuslim towered lyn and won ;-)
xlord vs reign?
gl both teams :)
aTTaX hf gl dudes.. ich weis da ihr es schaffen könnt!!
If Lash can win a bo3 vs. Moon, anything can happen in this cw. mouz vs wcb WC3L qualifier - we will never forget :D
SK 5:0 aTTaX.

SK 5:0(10:0) aTTaX.
Who the fuck is aTTaX anyway?
5:0 (10:1)
SK clear 5:0, maybe yaWs can win his game with much luck
SK 4-1 aTTaX
i've my bets on attax.
aTTaX gonna dance with SK on the dance floor!
<3 coru wie immer der beste :D
nächstes mal nur bitte einen anderen satz anstatt karthago
i see xlord taking point and Ben fighting ! :)
i see xlord fighting :P nevertheless 4:1 will it be.
SK 4-1 aTTaX
The only one who can win vs. SK is Xlord
aTTaX faitin!
go attax with this matchups you can suprise...maybe :)
Lyn 2-0 yAws
ReiGn 2-0 XlorD
ReMinD 2-1 dArk
SoJu 2-0 DeMusliM
2v2 2-0
gg no re
attax easy ;)
5-0, but xlord and yaws might win
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