Mousesports.Wc3 vs. Serious Gaming
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 Serious Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 8649606
Date Saturday, 02/02/08 11:00
Calculated 02/02/08 14:27
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Result Media
1on1:  Lost Temple(ROC), <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
1on1:  Terenas Stand, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  Secret Valley, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
1on1:  Gnoll Wood, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
2on2:  Avalanche, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 1 : 2 <unknown>
Mousesports.Wc3 wins !
mouz 4 : 1 srs
Points +4 : +1
 Name Ratio Summe Diff
     Wins Losses   
 1.  2055996   3.00 2 0 +2
 2.  461959   1.50 3 2 +1
 3.  Happy   2.00 2 1 +1
 4.  979833   2.00 2 1 +1
 5.  ToD   1.00 3 3 0
 6.  935368   1.00 3 3 0
 7.  RotterdaM   0.50 1 2 -1
 8.  1214376   0.00 0 2 -2
 9.  2365601   0.00 0 2 -2
30/01/08 17:05
In our second clanwar we will face srs who lost their debut match against BeT with 2-3 which isnt a bad result though.
We had a very nice start beating MYM and we will try to beat srs for sure, too.

In contrast to the last clanwar, we will be the favourites this time and I hope we will cope with this role.
We arent happy with the maps randomized this time but this shouldnt be an excuse to not be able to perform well.

We are looking forward to nice games and hopefully the better ending for us :P

Might the Chinese Internet be with us!
Serious Gaming
01/02/08 10:51
srs vs. mouz

Tomorrow we face Mousesports in the Warcraft 3 Champions League. Serious Gaming is looking forward to this war, it should be quite a challenge as Mousesports beat Meet Your Makers last playday.

We did not do poorly last war ourselves, losing to Beijing eSport Team with a 2-3 score, and hopefully will be able to claim our first WC3L win now.

With that said and done, lets have a great war!
comments (58)
Mouz will win !
#1 if srs uses sonkie rottie and neytpohtie then they can win
gogogo bro fighting srs > mouz :)
#2 ToD Fly Happy > sRs, but we will see :)
go Neytpoh!!! Yura tashi!
mouz 4/1 srs
Guess 5-0 for Mouz!
rotterdam will lose as usually xd
where is Neytpoh when they vs BET?
3:2 for both,close game
I suppose mouz'll win it. But with some luck, srs can take 1 point...
Nah, they need to bring in Zubie : D
dowaq ist the only one from srs who could take a point but it depends on his opponent
zerter, zubie, Caravaggio, rotterdam and neytpoh = no chance for mouz
imba map seeding lmao! Three orc maps, all of them are bad for undead lol


LT ToD 2:0 SonKie
TS Sase 1:2 Dowaq
SV Fly100 1:2 Rotterdam
GW Happy 2:1 Neytpoh
2v2 Fly100+ToD 2:0 Rotterdam+Dowaq

Mouz 3-2 (8:6)
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hehe there is no map in the current pool which could be considered good for ud^^
shit map for mouz
Srs fighting !
go mouz :)
happy 10-0 srs -.-
Why so much rotti hate? : <
#15 agree with ur lineup 100%, but Fly 1:2 RotterdaM is really LOL =))))) Fly 2:0 RotterdaM anyway =/
P.S. mouz > srs [4-1], good luck Happy and Neytpoh.
go Tod! Mouz > SG
#15 the time is over where the clans always seeded a human on LT...
Fly in GW.....
#16 TM? TR? EI?

P.S. Rotti is good in mirror, dunno 'bout fly 2:0 Rot, specially with lag.
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happy fighting!!
#4 zerter, zubie, and caravaggio dont play anymore, zerter may once and a while but he's really just their manager.... dowaq, neytpoh, rotter, and sonkie would be a great solo line-up, especially if rotter gets to mirror with fly imo...
well rotter can beat happy sase or fly . but he wont win against tod.With some luck matchups they have a good chance to win atleast 2 points serious.2vs2 could go either way.

I hope dowaq plays tod.Thats a good match.

I think Mouz 4-1/3-2 Serious (depending on 2vs2)
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perfect lineup for mouz!
with this lineup 4:1 mouz with sonkie scores for srs.
easy for mouz gogo :)
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rolf what kind of lineup is this for srs
Super lineup for mouz, 5-0/4-1, only SonKie have a chance to get point.
DowaQ vs Fly will be pretty funny ^^
no luck with the line up for serious .. but gogo anyway
Rotti gogo .. keep the dutch pride alive :D

3-2 serious
ToD - RotterdaM, looooooooool hardporno must go on :)))))))
lol nice LU for mouz
ToD easy win
5-0 for mouz
I am very looking forward to ToD & SaSe's first duo!
Ahhh... Very unlucky line-up for srs, good job from mouz's managment.

I suppose it'll be like this:
ToD 2:0 RotterdaM
SaSe 1:2 SonKiE
Happy 2:1 Neytpoh
Fly100 2:0 DowaQ
ToD, SaSe 2:0 Neytpoh, Tama
gogo rotti, even its nearly impossible to get at least 1 map ;)

4/1 imho, sonkie can get a tower win maybe :)
nearly perfect LU for mouz -.-

only Sonkie and 2on2 can win
tod 2-0 rdam
sase 2-1 sonkie
happy 2-1 neytpoh
fly 2-0 dowaq
tod/sase 2-1 neytpoh/tama

overall 5-0(7-3)
this season mouz vs SK vs MYM ?
I think 3:2 for mouz :( .. But I hope that srs will win :)
Is Srs` 2on2 any good?
Never saw these two guys playing together.
GL HF DowaQ and SaSe.
very nice 2on2 @turtlerock !!
2on2 TR was insane,extremly close.
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