Who is the Most Improved Player of Season XI?
(The result will become visible later on.)
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11/06/07 09:26  #1
Lyn for sure :)
11/06/07 12:11  #2
hard to say
11/06/07 14:12  #3
lyn, he became the best orc worldwide last time
11/06/07 15:02  #4
But why the hell should Moon be the MIP?
He Just get his former shape back. Will Grubby be MIP next Season if he's back in shape, too?
12/06/07 01:31  #5
fov better than lyn!
i dislike moon!
because she looks like a girl!
and in this season she played so shit!
12/06/07 04:16  #6
moon! i like moon's rep.
12/06/07 06:51  #7
Moon - the best, but Lyn - MIP!
12/06/07 09:06  #8
12/06/07 10:32  #9
where is ToD:< Im vote Moon
12/06/07 14:35  #10
fov u real ctal the best!!!
13/06/07 01:46  #11
13/06/07 04:53  #12
Moon...Fov... how can you put those "most improved" words on them..

Lyn,sure. Turns to best orc in the world.
13/06/07 09:17  #13
lyn for sure
14/06/07 04:52  #14
of course lyn
14/06/07 20:47  #15
Lyn for sure!!11one!1eleven
IMO fov is worse now than he was when he played for 4k and as some poster above said, Moon just got back in his former shape. Ohjie indeed improved but he's still a slightly above average player by wc3l standards. Susiria put out an impressive perfomance, but the same thing happened last season it realy can't be said he improved a lot.
15/06/07 13:13  #16
the question is not who is the best but the most improved one... but when i see those names it's kind of difficult to choose cause most of them are at there "top" since a long time dont u think ?? O_o

so i picked the less experienced of them all: Ohjie :D
16/06/07 10:21  #17
#9 That's the question I kept ask myself in nearly every WC3L last season, so this might be the answer! :D
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