WC3L Season X - The Winner Is
It's nearly 7pm CET and yes, we have our winner for Season X of WC3L: once again the Four Kings managed to take the victory in the epic clash against MeetYourMakers and it's our honour to sincerely congratulate the team of manu_ to achieve WC3L's crown for the fifth time.
The Kings are being followed in our final ranking by MeetYourMakers, who had the task of winning even twice in order to keep the crown in their possession - they unfortunatly failed.
World Elite is the team's name that gave the Makers a hard time in the loser bracket's final, losing 2:3. They got ranked right behind them, scoring 3rd.
And last but not least we got mousesports, who just like World Elite had to struggle due to the absence of two of their players, ending up #4.

The finals were an extremly close and exciting event, but reflecting it in company with the 'Battle.Net Season 4 Finals', I think, we're able to say that this weekend housed one of the coolest 'Warcraft 3'-happenings that took place in - at least - a very long time. Thanks go out to to all the admins, orgas and of course the players.

See you next season!
HappY, Sunday, 28/01/07 13:20
WC3L Season 10 Playoffs
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