Season XVI Finals: Final Results
WeMadeFOX.Warcraft3 is the proud winner of the 16th WC3L Finals. After two clanwars (2:4 and 4:2) against Ex-MYM.WC3 the all-Korean team managed to claim their first WC3L championship. Congratulations!

The final ranking:
  1. WMF - $1.500,-
  2. MYM - $1.000,-
  3. srs - $500,-
Shawn, Sunday, 14/03/10 14:55
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gg gz
Very nice matches were played in the final. GGWP WMF.
1500$ for winning the wc3l is pretty rude....
if i was esl I'd never publish this poor fact
actually its a pretty nice amount considering economy. no other league has this high.
so was this the last season of wc3l or can we expect more to come?
Thanks for the great season. Waiting for the next.
1500$ axaxax.... I understand why happy didnt want to play...GJ Happy!!!
I say ESL amateur!
@ TeCH You understand as in you agree? How stupid happy is not to use the oportunity to play a league in which literally ALL the best players of the world are participating. And yeah, 1500$ is good enough for Moon,Grubby,Lyn,Soccer,Sky,Infi etc etc, but for Happy it would be disgraceful
1) Gz to the winners.

2) Thx for keeping wc3l up all these years and providing us the best league and some of the most enjoyable games of warcraft ever!

Cya in sc2!
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