Season XVI Finals: Grand Final
The final match of this weekend features Ex-MYM.WC3 and WeMadeFOX.Warcraft3 once again. While MYM is coming from the loser bracket and thus has to win two clanwars to be crowned champions, WMF is only one match away from winning the WC3L Season XVI.

MeetYourMakers.WC3 vs. WeMadeFOX.Warcraft3, Sunday 2:00pm CET

MYM.LucifroN7 vs. WMF.SocceR 0:2
Replays: Melting Valley - Amazonia
MYM.ReMinD vs. WMF.Lyn 2:0
Replays: Turtle Rock - Twisted Meadows
MYM.LucifroN7 & MYM.ReMinD vs. WMF.Moon & WMF.SocceR 2:0
Replays: Lost Temple (ROC) - Gnoll Wood
ACE-Match: ? vs. ? 0:0
Replays: Echo Isles (not needed)

Total score: 4:2

Second match:

MYM.LucifroN7 vs. WMF.SocceR 0:2
Replays: Secret Valley (MUST SEE!) - Melting Valley
MYM.ReMinD vs. WMF.Lyn 1:1
Replays: Ancient Isle (MUST SEE!) - Plunder Isle 2.0
MYM.LucifroN7 & MYM.ReMinD vs. WMF.Lyn & WMF.Moon 1:1
Replays: Gnoll Wood - Goldshire
ACE-Match: ? vs. ? 0:0
Replays: Amazonia (not needed)

Total score: 2:4

WMF wins WC3L Season XVI!
- Waaagh!TV and GGTV will be available.
- Additionally ESL Radio will bring you a German livestream for all games.
- ESL Radio also prepared a great preview for the event in German. You can find it on their website.
- NetG TV will provide you with a Videostream.
913676, Sunday, 14/03/10 08:41
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link is wrong it sends u to yesterdays cw...
its a final for christ sake try not to do these stupid mistakes - .-'
Fixed, thanks for the heads-up.
omg same lineups, wanted to see Moon vs ReminD vv
go Lucifron and Lyn! :D wanna see ace match again
Whens the next gonna be?
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they said at 18:00 i think
it'd be totally cool if mym brings out HoT or Demuslim now
puaf, no Moon @1on1 and no Lyn+Moon @2on2, wtf vv
ehmmmm...Am I the only who did I see Soccer+Lyn @2on2 before ????
WMF just won 2v2 g2 GG
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