Season XVI Finals: srs vs. MYM
In the second match of the WC3L Season XVI Finals Serious.Razer encounters Ex-MYM.WC3 in the Consolation Final on Saturday at 17:30 CET. Whoever wins this match gets another shot at the championship in the Grand Final against WeMadeFOX.Warcraft3 on Sunday. The loser of this match will be out of the tournament and will have to settle for the third place of Season XVI. Please click more to find all further details.

Serious.Razer vs. MeetYourMakers.WC3, Saturday 5:30pm CET

srs.SonKiE vs. MYM]ReMinD 0:2
Replays: Turtle Rock - Twisted Meadows
srs.viOlet vs. MYM]LucifroN7 1:1
Replays: Echo Isles - Plunder Isle 2.0
srs.SonKiE & srs.viOlet vs. MYM]ReMinD & MYM] 1:1
Replays: Twisted Meadows - Gnoll Wood
ACE-Match: ? vs. ? 0:0
Replays: Ancient Isle (not needed)

Total score: 2:4
- Waaagh!TV and GGTV will be available.
- Additionally ESL Radio will bring you a German livestream for all games.
- ESL Radio also prepared a great preview for the event in German. You can find it on their website.
Shawn, Saturday, 13/03/10 11:08
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