Ex-MYM.WC3 vs. Teamedit..
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Status: closed
MatchID 13793473
Date Saturday, 25 July 17:00
Calculated Monday, 03 August 04:07
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Result Media
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Terenas Stand<tba>
Night 0 : 2 S.o.K.o.L
1on1:  Turtle Rock, Echo Isles<tba>
FiX 2 : 0 ReiGn
1on1:  Echo Isles, Twisted Meadows, Turtle Rock
LongWalk 2 : 1 relish
1on1:  Death Trap, <tba><tba>
ReMinD 2 : 0 AcRo
2on2:  Avalanche, Turtle Rock<tba>
FiX, Night 0 : 2 AcRo, ReiGn
Ex-MYM.WC3 wins !
MYM 3 : 2 .
Points +3 : +2
Sunday, 02 August 16:47
Screenshot Log*
103 kB, Sunday, 02 August 16:47, by 2808101 (MYM)
Saturday, 25 July 18:45
FiX vs. ReiGn Game1*
162 kB, Saturday, 25 July 18:45, by 2808101 (MYM)
Saturday, 25 July 18:45
FiX vs. ReiGn Game2*
118 kB, Saturday, 25 July 18:45, by 2808101 (MYM)
Saturday, 25 July 17:33
FiX/Night vs. AcRo/ReiGn Game1*
162 kB, Saturday, 25 July 17:33, by DrunKin (.)
Saturday, 25 July 17:51
FiX/Night vs. AcRo/ReiGn Game2*
140 kB, Saturday, 25 July 17:51, by DrunKin (.)
Saturday, 25 July 18:09
LongWalk vs. relish Game1*
91 kB, Saturday, 25 July 18:09, by DrunKin (.)
Saturday, 25 July 18:27
LongWalk vs. relish Game2*
102 kB, Saturday, 25 July 18:27, by DrunKin (.)
Saturday, 25 July 18:46
LongWalk vs. relish Game3*
101 kB, Saturday, 25 July 18:46, by DrunKin (.)
Saturday, 25 July 18:45
LongWalk vs. relish Game3*
92 kB, Saturday, 25 July 18:45, by 2808101 (MYM)
Saturday, 25 July 19:19
Night vs. S.o.K.o.L Game1*
98 kB, Saturday, 25 July 19:19, by DrunKin (.)
Saturday, 25 July 19:29
Night vs. S.o.K.o.L Game2*
80 kB, Saturday, 25 July 19:29, by DrunKin (.)
* No longer available
 Name Ratio Summe Diff
     Wins Losses   
 1.  1063428   3.00 2 0 +2
 2.  S.o.K.o.L  . 3.00 2 0 +2
 3.  LongWalk   2.00 2 1 +1
 4.  2475012   1.00 2 2 0
 5.  ReiGn   1.00 2 2 0
 6.  1222953   1.00 2 2 0
 7.  1039357   0.50 1 2 -1
 8.  MAAAAAAAAARC   0.00 0 4 -4

25/07/09 12:46
-Update Information
nGize has allowed Faculty to sub in AcRo for exelsey on Death Trap

Death trap has been wildcarded by nGize because Remind failed to show.
24/07/09 17:41
Both clans forgot to write statements in time, but only n! got pps, wcip at its best (no offence). I like it. I like ngize. I like me. I like to move it. Lets dance, 1on1 me play. 2on2 me pro. After writing my last exam i will try to start active play many warcraft. Ngize play with no lucifron, no pedro and no one of the best in europe. Without those 3 players we have good chances to win. If i will get ThomasG, whos simpatico, i will do t3 bats lame, because i'm not in training and want to continue my winning streak in this league. Because i dont have any loss in 1on1. The "default" lose against nicker is a very ridiculous decision from the admin, but i dont care, i'm sockel and i will dance naked in the rain today. I like everybody and i will do my best.
thanks, see ya tomorrow. i hope you will enjoy our games.
PS: my bad english many purpose. guess why
24/07/09 17:04
Here we go second last match vs Facutly. Luckily they were mannered and allowed us a barred player because ca half of the squad is in vactions and i miss players for the upcoming wars. I still hope we can show some good perfomances and get the win from this clanwar. I think we are pretty save in the playoffs and can bring our stars there again in the spotlight.

I wish Faculty the best of luck and fun. May the best win
comments (28)
any play suggestions?
sunday 2.8 18:00 ?
ye lets play then sunday 2.8 18 cet
Invalid date, playday is from June 23rd to June 29th
25th 17 cet
yep confirmed and 1 map will be played at 19 CET , ill add the map in some hours
Whats with the Map i need to know that for the lineup one player cant play that late
it will be TM
Würde ein gesperrter Spieler erlaubt sein?
we take a wildcard for DT
when remind's game will be played? :>
good question nobody of ngize contacted us till now :)
ngize? ^^
nemesis and sunny ? can I watch the game - live?...
:] would be nice ^^
I slappeed you Nemesis and Acro 2 times in the last 2 days but you didnt answer, but okay.

saturday 2nd 16:00/ 17/ 18 cet ?
Well AcRo is in Leipzig, would say let's play the match Monday.
Well, if it's allowed to play on Monday let's say 18:00 cet, this would be fine for us.
sunday is the last day...
teccy u slapped nobody of n!faculty. Thats for sure.
Well ReMinD has got the whole weekend time and I swear on my fucking life that i slapped you guys several times. So we get the pp now because Acro is not available???
do maybe try to qry ??
oer poste it here ?
"[19:27] <nGizeTeccy> wie siehts mit remind - acro aus?
[19:27] <n|DrunKin> • (Query) 907 • (Channel offen) 20 • (Aktives Fenster) RAPTOR|MyMusic
[19:28] <n|DrunKin> soon
[19:28] <n|DrunKin> ehm
[19:28] <n|DrunKin> is yaws online?
[19:29] <nGizeTeccy> wtf?"

This is a qoute where i ask a nfaculty orga for the matchtime and he just says "soon", so much to "nGize didn't try and didn't slap anyone etc." So I don't really agree that we get pps, because we tried to schedule this match and gave matchtimes IN the playweek but nfaculty can't play in it :/

Btw. I'm really sorry for Drunkin that I had to post this private log but the faculty guys don't believed me :/
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great u did it yesterday or what? i just can the time u made the screenshot but not the date! dunno whats the sense of this...
1 edits
the log is from wednesday i think and the screenshot is from today. Mb u just ask Drunkin, i don't think hat he will lie and say that it was made yesterday. D4nny asked me to upload the screenshot btw. -.-
well its imposible for acro 2 play in time
so we give the def win to Remind
great another joke! nc at all just amazing
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