Don't Waste Time vs. DoW2 - Allstars
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 17.  31.

 Don't Waste Time
 DoW2 - Allstars
Status: closed
MatchID 14803349
Date Tuesday, 18 August 18:20
Calculated Tuesday, 15 September 22:53
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Result Media
1on1:  Random, <tba><tba>
Dwt.Typ 0 : 1 InsOp
1on1:  Random, <tba><tba>
FixXxerS 0 : 1 uLysSeS
1on1:  Random, <tba><tba>
havoline 0 : 1 uLysSeS
1on1:  Random, <tba><tba>
Dwt.Skive 0 : 1 InsOp
2on2:  Random, <tba><tba>
havoline, FixXxerS 0 : 1 uLysSeS, InsOp
DoW2 - Allstars wins ! (Default Win)
Dwt 0 : 5 DoW2
Points 0 : +3
comments (22)
when would you guys like to play the clanwar ?
meet in room : Click Masters League Room
so you want to do the match today or what ? because we got a whole playweek to shedule a match :S
we wanna play this match today
Where is your line-up?
if you don't come to room at the strart time, you'll have tech lose
no we wont, because this Summerleague got Matchweeks, in which we gotta shedule the match.

there is no default playdate today, so tell me when you would like to play this war within the week that i can ask my players whether they got time.
can we playing cw on tuesday on 18:00 on CET?ok? 18 august!
18-00 MSK

"18:00 on CET"
i set game to 18:20 you didnt accept t_T
u need to accept matchdata to set it open so we can see lineup t_T
meet Fit4gaming2 on GGC
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im gone
Havoline was mistake with the start time. we're wait for you at 16-00 CET... can we play this cw in 17:00 CET tomorrow?
wtf ? you ask us to play TUESDAY 18:00 CET like havo said, we are there from 18:00 - 18:45, we post matchcomments and no one responses, but the game is set open and the lineups are distributed t_T

Im off to gamescom from tomorrow until Sunday so i cant say anything.

We already made a protest, too ...
let's play this cw in the first possible day for you
I dont know when we are able to do this, im on Gamescom in Cologne until tomorrow morning and had no possibility to talk to my players,

best regards Apppo
icq: 240-615-504
msn: [email protected]
last chance, last day is the 05.09.09
so whats up dawgs, when do you wanna play ?
enemies show no interest in sheduling -.-
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