Team Webmex . WC3 vs. no Limit extreme gaming
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 Team Webmex . WC3
 no Limit extreme gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 21554569
Date Thursday, 17 February 20:00
Calculated Friday, 18 February 01:21
Created by Autochallenger
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Lineup "Team Webmex . WC3" incomplete
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Echo Isles
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  Melting Valley, Ancient Isle
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  Secret Valley, Echo Isles
<unknown> 0 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Secret Valley, Ancient Isle
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
2on2:  Turtle Rock, Avalanche
<unknown> 0 : 0 <unknown>
Team Webmex . WC3 wins !
Webmex 3 : 0 nLx
Points +23 : -23
Friday, 18 February 05:38
Havoline vs AJK (game 2)*
133 kB, Friday, 18 February 05:38, by 4448808 (Webmex)
Friday, 18 February 08:22
Webmex.Pleasant vs eW.Savior*
129 kB, Friday, 18 February 08:22, by 3881976 (Webmex)
Friday, 18 February 08:26
havoline vs ajk^*
160 kB, Friday, 18 February 08:26, by 3881976 (Webmex)
Friday, 18 February 08:27
havoline vs ajk^*
178 kB, Friday, 18 February 08:27, by 3881976 (Webmex)
Friday, 18 February 08:23
vs. Frelseren Game1*
128 kB, Friday, 18 February 08:23, by 5681863 (Webmex)
Friday, 18 February 08:23
vs. Frelseren Game2*
140 kB, Friday, 18 February 08:23, by 5681863 (Webmex)
Friday, 18 February 07:48
vs. Gloryfades Game1*
147 kB, Friday, 18 February 07:48, by 5681863 (Webmex)
Friday, 18 February 07:48
vs. Gloryfades Game2*
133 kB, Friday, 18 February 07:48, by 5681863 (Webmex)
* No longer available

Team Webmex . WC3

comments (13)
hi energy, glhf
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hi, gl hf....waiting for you in PCGL room 1
ok c-ya there :) btw.. we pp 2v2
Sorry about my fail with our LU.
WebMex's LU:
TM: WebMex.Pleasant
MV: WebMex.Havoline
SV: WebMex.Havoline
AI: WebMex.Pleasant
2x2: WebMex.DV + WebMex.Gravud

Result: WebMex 3-0 eW
WebMex.Pleasant 2-0 eW.Savior (TM, EI)
WebMex.Havoline 2-1 eW.Ajk (MV, TR, EI)
WebMex.Pleasant 2-0 eW.Gloryfades (AI, SV)

Thx 4 CW. GL HF BB!
lol...what you doing? we win this CW
look at the result's on my
Corrupted admin, lol. Never seen something like that for YEARS in the ESL. Sad that I'm not an admin anymore, I could prove all the things that admin did, inclusive deleting comments and changing the match + unbarring his players.

15.02.11 23:26h energy-WAVE new_member Gloryfades
17.02.11 06:13h energy-WAVE new_member RightNow
18.02.11 02:04h energy-WAVE new_member Vidoque

Weird huh?! THEY SHOULD BE BARRED, BUT THEY'RE NOT. I hope that Admin "Techpriest" will get a punishment for his abusive behavior.
Techpriest...i think you have a big problem...
we played this cw, i have demos.

i will talking with a head admin of esl
The request to change result in our advantage, we have laid out all replays from this played match. For earlier thanks.
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So what I've just read :

3.2.2. Changing teams
When a player leaves a team league, either by leaving a team, being kicked from a team or the team leaving the league, they will get a 5 day leagueban from the league. Otherwise, any player can change team whenever he pleases to do so.

A player is only allowed to play in a match if he joined the team before the match date.

In premierships or cups there may be extra rules regarding players changing teams, therefore the rules, news and membermails should be read carefully, and in cases of doubt an admin should be contacted.

I'm not really sure, but weren't they barred even if they had no team b4 joining?
Pathetic team with pathetic admin who is also the pathetic league's admin.
Nice corruption with results, deleted comments, protests and so on...
completely uncalled for.
First of all WebMex you should make protest or ticket about that, I don't have permission to do that ''abusement'' you're accusing me of.
DrunKin you was probably the one who didn't know any rules of ESL (wc3) as you might know Admin who has team CANNOT judge the clan wars of his own team - by simple words he DOESN'T HAVE ADMIN PERMISSION FOR IT. This was probably bug of ESL or someone from our team put 1 1 1 1 1 and WebMex didn't change that so ESL automatically calculated it.
If I see you again write those things about ''corruption'' (I don't get any money for it so I don't know how can I be corrupted) you'll get barrage in this section.
As Co-MLA I do not allow this!
And one last thing for DrunKin you was former admin and now luckily you're not so please stay off things that aren't necessary for you!
This cw is recalculated, because of my good will, in other case it wouldn't be because team WebMex is not interested in it since they didn't open any tickets or protests!
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