enS Not Searching Home vs. Versus-Gaming
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 enS Not Searching Home
Status: closed
MatchID 16871105
Date Friday, 15 January 18:00
Calculated Monday, 18 January 01:09
Created by Autochallenger
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Result Media
1on1:  Death Trap, Ancient Isle
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
1on1:  Secret Valley, Ancient Isle
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
1on1:  Melting Valley, Ancient Isle
<unknown> 0 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Ancient Isle, Ancient Isle
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
2on2:  Lost Temple, Avalanche
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
Versus-Gaming wins !
enS 2 : 2 Versus
Points -22 : +22
25/01/10 13:41

APM does not come ...
comments (17)
meet in international esports room 2
pp Chernorizec vs Logan
def win
close match plz
you dont come in room (1 comment)
??? we pp chern vs logan remember, its not defwin.
no no. its not. but do it faster plz)
you dont come yesterday!
or come today in 15 CET Time! Moscow GTM +3
?!?!!? what are u on about? we didnt have to play it yesterday. Be patient.
Match opened again you have both to arrange date to play u have 36 hours to do that if you don't then I'll force time
ty techpriest
On Monday 19 cet meet in International Esports Room 2
monday 19:00 CET international esports room 2 . Meet there and finish clan war. If you don't do that tomorrow match will be automaticly closed and calculated 2:2

Best regards, Techpriest ESL Admin
APM does not come ...
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