Going For Ownage.WC3 vs. OwNu so Cabi
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 Going For Ownage.WC3
 OwNu so Cabi
Status: closed
MatchID 27312216
Date Wednesday, 28/11/12 14:30
Calculated 30/11/12 19:06
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Result Media
1on1:  Ancient Isles, Avalanche
Gne- 0 : 0 Orange
1on1:  Echo Isles, Turtle rock, Twisted Meadows
Zigu-zigu 1 : 2 PwNu.Lex
1on1:  Amazonia, Turtle rock
CasiN 0 : 2 WaN
1on1:  Terenas stands, Twisted Meadows, Secret valley
Show 2 : 1 Touch
2on2:  Twisted Meadows, Avalanche
Gne-, Show 0 : 2 WaN, Touch
OwNu so Cabi wins !
GFO.wc3 1 : 3 OwNu.sC
OwNu so Cabi




comments (3)
Hi Venom! We need to postpone AI and EI for Thursday. We can play the rest today (Wednesday) at the scheduled time. Meet in gs room 2 @ 20:30 cet. GL HF!
Results so far:

CasiN 0-2 WaN // AZ - TR
Show 2-1 Touch // TS - TM - SV
Gne- + Show 0-2 WaN + Touch // TM - AVA

As discussed we will schedule the remaining maps in the next few days.

Orange should be able to play any day except Friday but I will double check with him.
LeX can play Thursday after 16 CET and Saturday all day.

I will write more comments as I get more information. GGs so far.

Zigu-zigu 1-2 LeX

Not sure if we are playing the last match but I'm willing to schedule this if you both want to play.

Orange says that it would be better off to not worry about the last match since the result is clear. ggs Venom!
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