yeisoN vs. 1823872
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Status: closed
MatchID 14782370
Date Friday, 04 September 20:00
Calculated Wednesday, 16 September 13:26
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Echo Isles 1 : 0
tba 1 : 0
yeisoN wins !
Points +3 : 0
Friday, 04 September 21:50
not show!*
125 kB, Friday, 04 September 21:50, by yeisoN
Tuesday, 15 September 20:02
Replay - roYality | - yeisoN*
145 kB, Tuesday, 15 September 20:02, by yeisoN
Tuesday, 15 September 20:02
Replay - roYality | - yeisoN*
182 kB, Tuesday, 15 September 20:02, by yeisoN
* No longer available
04/09/09 15:51
Result Default
yeisoN 2-0 dark
comments (22)
w3al tournament room!
Cant play that time ..working and i dont know how to change the time. Can play between 12-15 and 22-01 cet
WTF? i Told u i couldn't play that time so u pick a random time and take def win? Joke?
not joke, i only can play the time of ESL, sry.
u can only play the time of esl. I dont even get that sentence and i told u i couldnt play that time and u didnt do shit to try to arrange a time we both could play... if u get def win for this game it's a joke
gl next.
So as admin said. Lets pick a new time.. when can u play?
I cant play between 16.00-21.00 cet. so pick ur time
He picked a time i said i couldnt play and now he's taking a def win. Is admins ok with this?
ESL MuehliMan
#2 | 08.09.09 11:49
Hello Darkmove,
hello yeisoN,

It is Summer League, so you have 7 days (the whole playday) the play the match!

So now u pick a date when I play also or else i'll claim def win.
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ok, saturday at 16:00
Cant play this weekend TT. Can play this evening tomorrow between 10-14 cet and 20.00>>. If non of that works i might be able to play sunday evening.
better monday :D u choose time :D
hi? choose time pls..
sry. able 22.00 today cet? channel fit for gaming tournamnet room 2?
y i guess that was to tight. im sick so 'll stay in fit for gaming channel 2 tommorrow as much as i can. 14.00 cet?
ok :D at 16:00 better :D
darkmove, we can play it at 19:00?
darkmove, we can play it at 19:00?
y 19.00 cet np
u coming? Channel fit 4 gaming tournament room 2
gg wp
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