MoanDer vs. Andre
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 101.  79.

Status: deleted
MatchID 16433718
Date Saturday, 12 December 14:00
Calculated Saturday, 12 December 14:00
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Saturday, 12 December 14:19
149 kB, Saturday, 12 December 14:19, by Andre
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channel on warcraft : clan tedr

Sorry I did not remember that here is 1 hour before, can you play now?
no sorry, i play other game. You accept this game today, and not remember ? -.-" I Win for DefWin.
anyway, I was logged at 14:00 in with my esl account... and I did not receive any whisper. It is just I did not check that you wanted me to go to your channel, next time just whisper me.

When can you play?
sorry i wisp at 14.05 and you not answered on warcraft III
I accepted it around 10, and I have been playing 1on1, at 14:00 I was playing the tour, you just had to whisper me.
If you dont want to play now cos you prefer to play the tour is ok, we can play later, but if you continue saying that it is a defwin for you cos I did not show up when I was logged in, i think it is very unsportsmanlike so I will open a protest to play in other date.
It is very sad that there is people like you that try to get def wins all the time and avoid playing games...
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