Warsow NightCup Next Sunday
You asked for 2on2 Instagib ladder so we are giving you a chance to show your interest! Next Sunday we are running a 2on2 Instagib NightCup to test the interest in the gametype. Find out the details and how to sign up inside.
Warsow 2on2 Instagib NightCup
Start: 19 CET Sunday 7 October
Match format: One map, 10 minutes
Maps: wdm1, wdm2, wdm3, wdm6
Structure: 16 teams, double elimination

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TheRogue, Saturday, 29/09/07 07:39
Warsow 2on2 Instagib NightCup
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nice :)
#2 :)
suche m8 :)

gez. fLaxN ( muss djevil und bobel vom Tron stoßen sry )
wtest1 und wtest3 ??
searching 4 mate :S
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need mate
20 mins is a bit too long in my eyes. I think 15 mins is the normal and better timelimit.
And yee... t1 and t3.. ;D
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wtest1 und wtest3 wtf?!?!?
Mappool: wdm1. wdm2, wdm3, wdm6 I hope... (thanks to Pob and lokirulez :P)
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wdm5 ? but nice !
Have fun pals!
First two -lucky- teams have just joined the cup. I think slots will be filled soon, so what are you waiting for?! ^_____^
two lucky teams???
fixed the maps :)
#13, anyone who has a chance to play in this cup is lucky =p.
and the winner team, 1 month premium free :)?
i am @ Enlarged LAN from 5th - 7th October... so i guess i won't participate :(
nice men ... cu all 7th october
i am @ Enlarged LAN from 5th - 7th October... so i guess i won't participate :(
Sad but good luck and have fun at Enlarged LAN then ^_^
2on2 instagib ladder ftw !
its full :( and i wanted to play :'(
swoop, its nice to know.. that there are many more players who wanted to sign up...
just wait for the next cup... :)
2. Step: I search a 2on2 m8 ! xD
be around in #esl.warsow with your team ready and you may be able to play if any teams don't show :)
Mail: "Remember, the cup takes place tonight starting at 19 CET."
Page: "Start: 19 CET Sunday 7 October"
Sunday or Saturday?
SUNDAY!!! rouge sent a fix-email xD
Yes,,im in the cup xD
im not? :|
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