Prohunter vs. S y N c
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 S y N c
Status: closed
MatchID 20092773
Date Friday, 19 November 20:00
Calculated Friday, 19 November 23:05
map khyber
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0 : 1
S y N c wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +3
Friday, 19 November 20:21
No Show*
152 kB, Friday, 19 November 20:21, by S y N c
Friday, 19 November 20:22
80 kB, Friday, 19 November 20:22, by S y N c
* No longer available
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Match has been opened for: Friday, 19/11/10 20:00 CET (tomorrow), since on 20th fifth playday will start.
You can play anytime before: the challenge has to be closed within Monday evening.

In case of opponents no-show : handle the match as a normal game (post room in comments, screens and wait for 20 minutes): default victory will be granted to the present team.
pm Ziotasperino on europe
can we play now please?
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