Team Inex. vs. aTomic Gaming MR9 Cup WinnerS
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 Team Inex.
 aTomic Gaming MR9 Cup WinnerS
Status: closed
MatchID 26582318
Date Thursday, 19 July 22:30
Calculated Friday, 27 July 12:09
Round Grand Final
map TBD
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0 : 1
aTomic Gaming MR9 Cup WinnerS wins !

Team Inex.

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comments (4)
Hey broski!

The fixed time was: 22.30
If the other team doesn't come when we are again online we ll finish in other day.

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We cannot create a protest because there is nobody in the final yet to meet us, however both Mata and Tom have gone to beddie bies as they have work tomorrow, so desit said he will open a protest later, or whoever meets us in the final, can you just create a protest and we will arrange a new date to play,

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