Gabry vs. legiionz
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Status: closed
MatchID 26081521
Date Thursday, 03 May 21:00
Calculated Thursday, 03 May 21:25
Round Round of 16
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Cadoro 0 : 6
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legiionz wins !
Thursday, 03 May 21:12
Round 1*
110 kB, Thursday, 03 May 21:12, by legiionz
Thursday, 03 May 21:12
Round 1*
101 kB, Thursday, 03 May 21:12, by legiionz
Thursday, 03 May 21:11
uploaded with ESL Wire*
703 kB, Thursday, 03 May 21:11, by Gabry
Thursday, 03 May 21:13
Round 1*
733 kB, Thursday, 03 May 21:13, by legiionz
* No longer available
03/05/12 15:23
legiionz vs CurvaSud1927

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comments (5)
Do you acept map change to Marien?
Sorry for any inconvenience caused, the cup was bugged so we had to create a new one. The rules are the same the same as 3on3 P2P ladder rules, you are playing 2x3. As the cup was delayed, you will not be penalised for no show.
i dont know how but wire crash and appear me the window for uploading file, how you can see i have uploaded moss with wire so i dont know why i haven't got log in and log out, i have a fair player and i ask to not receive pp please
Hi admin.

Please, no PPS for curvasud, wire crashed.
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