xwanNabe vs. B2mai82
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Status: closed
MatchID 25944685
Date Thursday, 19 April 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 19 April 19:45
Round Round of 16
map Khyber
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1 : 0
xwanNabe wins !
Thursday, 19 April 19:43
uploaded with ESL Wire Default win.jpg*
265 kB, Thursday, 19 April 19:43, by xwanNabe
Thursday, 19 April 19:46
Round 1*
265 kB, Thursday, 19 April 19:46, by B2mai82
* No longer available
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comments (3)
Rules changed, it is slots 1-3 only allowed!
Room 72
Pass esl1

He told me that he has problems with his graphic card so i get the default win

Please No PPs for him.
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Sorry I have error with graphisc card and can't run my games WAR ROCK, pls accept DEF WIN for my opponent.
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