Go4Wargame #3 - Third chance to win €200 in October
The Go4Wargame Tournament series continues on Sunday 13th October! You will once more have a chance to win €200 as well as earn points toward qualifying for the Monthly Final with even more prize money up for grabs. Prepare your best tanks, sign up now and enjoy playing Wargame Airland Battle in this great cup series.

What is Go4?

Starting in September, every week a Go4WARGAME Cup will be played. You can earn points to qualify for the monthly final. The winner will receive a prize money of €200 on top.
The monthly final will take place at the end of each month. The final will consist of eight teams who gathered the most points during the weekly cups. They will compete for a prize money of €500.

  • Open for all, play against the best
  • Europe's largest weekly cup series
  • Win prize money every week
  • Exciting tournaments every week
  • eSports at its best

  • Wargame Airland Battle

    WARGAME is an online multiplayer RTS. With a setting based on the Warsaw Pact and the NATO, you can choose from over 800 units from factions like Soviet Union, East and West Germany, USA and a lot more. Create a deck or battlegrpoup focusing on various criteria, with the option to mix units from multiple nations armories.

    Details of Go4WARGAME

    Settings for the weekly Cups:
    • Team: 2on2
    • Mode: Conquest Mode
    • Timelimit: 40 Minutes
    • Startpoints: 2000
    • Limit: 500 Points to reach
    • Maps: Kalmar, Highway to Oslo, Oppdal and Hedemard
    • Faction: Both teams can choose either faction (PACT or NATO). Mirror matches are possible.

    • Everything all right? Then signup for the third Go4Wargame!

      ESL Go4Wargame #3:

      Sign up now!

      (Check-in: 14:40 - 14:50 CEST)
      Check-in is first come, first serve.
      Be there on time to make sure you do not miss out!
      Sign up until 15:00 CEST
      Date: Sunday, 13th October
      Start: 15:00 CEST
      Size: 32/64 teams
      Structure: Conquest
      Coverage: Bracket & Contestants

      Basic rules:

      Maps: Kalmar
      Teamsize: 2on2
      Mode: Conquest
      Rules: Show all rules

      Beginners guide to sign up:

      Register on ESL
      Enter your Wargames character (e.g. Big King)
      Register new team
      Click the sign up link!

      Prize money and points distribution

      Place Go4Wargame Sunday Cup Go4Wargame Monthly Final
      1st Place 100 points + 200 EUR 500 EUR
      2nd Place 60 points
      3rd Place 40 points
      4th Place 25 points
      5th-8th Place 10 points

      How-to: Cup Check-In

    • First, Signup the Cup
    • 20 minutes before the Cups starts, the Checkin will open
    • Push the checkin Button
    • 10 minutes before the Cup starts, the late sign up will open. If there are free slots you can still sign up.
    • Have Fun & Good Luck

    • How-to: Add Gameaccount

      To check who won a match, we need your gameaccount Your gameaccount is the ingame name which do we show on the resultscreen.
      Click HERE to add your gameaccount.

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      Your Wargames Admin Staff

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      Support and Questions

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