The last VSGC in 2012
So that's it, the last VERSUS goes crazy in 2012 or even forever, if you may believe the prophets of apocalypse. So right before the big bang is going to happen, we want to thank all of you for a great performance, thousands of matches and comments and today we will also reveal all winners of the prizes and awards.

VERSUS goes crazy

First of all we would like to thank all the players who joined us in VERSUS on Sunday. We had a really, really great day and hope you enjoyed it too. From 12pm to 8pm we had a lot of actions going on, added a bunch of games and did some nice raffles with you. For all of you who missed this, check the news ticker to see everything that happened.

VERSUS goes crazy: The news ticker

VSGC Giveaways and Awards

All prizes of the Versus goes crazy Saturday

We raffled two Couchmaster by Nerdytec worth 260 Euro among all Premium member, who played more than 15 matches on Sunday. Of course, everybody else had still shots to win Premium accounts and more. Here are all winners:

Couchmaster by Nerdytec



SteelSeries 5H v2 Headset
We also raffled 4 SteelSeries 5H v2 Headsets for all Premium members with more than 10 matches. The winners are the following:





SteelSeries 3H Headsets
And we also raffled another 5 SteelSeries 3H Headsets for all Premium members with more than 5 matches. And the winners are:






ESL TV Keys for 1 month
The 10 winners of the ESL TV codes got informed via ESL message

ESL/CSL Premium Keys á 1 Monat
The 50 winners of the Premium codes got informed via ESL message.

VERSUS goes crazy Award

Once again we awarded the VERSUS goes crazy Award to players who achieved specific requirements or another great performance during the day. Congratulations to this special award to these players:

All winners of the VERSUS goes crazy Awards (ESL and CSL)

All winners of the game specific VERSUS goes crazy awards (ESL)

All winners of the game specific VERSUS goes crazy awards (CSL)

Did you know that you can trade 5 VSGC Awards and get a new, cooler one? Just open a ticket to our support and tell them to merge the five small ones to a bigger one.

We want to thank all players, celebrities and admins for playing with us on the VSGC event and of course we want to give a special thanks to Nerdytec for the prizes!

Your Admin Team
David, Thursday, 20/12/12 10:48
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The player who played the most matches against parties
JerMankO (9 parties)

I played agaisnt 9 too so why didint won anything?LOL

JuST, Mitch, n3ok3, sasha, ri0N (Comments/Videos on VSGC)

dahell? i did 10 or 11 comments check liveticket, more comments on facebook i win 2 premium keys and 1 esltvkey from pimpem i was the only one who did a banner with new versus logo, this is not active is what?

Thats only prove that u dont give the prizes for honor but for those who you want.

have nice day
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Thx ESL, SteelSeries 5H v2 Headset for me.
I am surprised that the players from Russia, also have a chance to win.
Play VS, and you are sure to win.
GL&HF all on ESL VSGC 2013!!!
@Quickzw0w: User mentioned under quote[For very impressive activities during VSGC.]quote are the ones that got the Award during the event.
As for the partymatches i'll try to talk to the guys who did the research script, but due to christmas holiday in the Turtle office this might take until early 2013.

And got fixed, thanks for the hint and have nice holidays.

Nice !
JuST, Mitch, n3ok3, sasha, ri0N awarded ate 20/12/2012 but vsgoescrazy was not at 15/12/2012? How can this guys be very impressive active if they just comments 3 times? and others like me did 10/11 comments in all ask's, didint understand that yet...

and where is the award for players at rank 1337? u just fail in this event easy...

no more to say..
Ikandro (18)

i playd about 18 game and i won nothing lol
Nice! Thanks ESL =)
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