International Gaming Force vs. White Trash
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 6.  1.

 International Gaming Force
 White Trash
Status: closed
MatchID 20933735
Date Saturday, 25/12/10 17:00
Calculated 25/12/10 18:49
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Result Media
NVA Base 2 : 1
Bahnar 3 : 0
International Gaming Force wins !
Points +43 : -43
25/12/10 16:53
Round 1*
2.7 MB, 25/12/10 16:53, by American Jesus (P-|)
* No longer available

White Trash

comments (12)
where are replays from match?
again uploaded other replays.
aimazing wrote:
BAEM!!]quote ??????????quote[t0bi.]

[where are replays from match?
again uploaded other replays.

It's Christmas Time. We don t need replays. But how Victim can one person be to check replays of other team's matches? No friends?
u cant ask him for that its allowed for him to check any replay he want !!
Like I said before, [IGF] is owning ladder :)) GJ
thanks for start insulting me as victim...
btw. you were online at 01:21 and reading comments under your match. its christmas time, no friends?

i just heared from some person that you often upload other replays..
i wont watch them, even when that are replays from match.
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"no friends?"

hahaha indeed Christmas is the best time for going out in the evening. *IRONY OFF*
just upload right replay and dont flame at all.
btw. gj igf
Go to hell with your lame replays.
Go to hell with your friendliness.
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support already open
jj gas met die zooi
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