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Vietcong Teamplay Ladder
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05.09.07 PoundeX gg Detail
12.04.07 Angel war so behindert... gg. Detail
29.11.06 Czech Amateur Clan Detail
22.10.06 VC.teamplay Detail
04.10.06 exNecroRaisers gg Detail
26.09.06 Magic Balloons.inactive n1..gg thx;) Detail
10.09.06 judgement Luckers Detail
20.07.06 sharKz gg Detail
18.07.06 Unita Speciale D 'Armata Detail
03.07.06 Czech Amateur Clan This is clan who need clearban on our server before match - we give ban to two players one week back on our server due knife cheat, and today we must clearban, because one form pg clan have ban. Hmm gl haxors. Detail
06.06.06 exNecroRaisers Detail
14.05.06 Weiss ich nicht Detail
10.05.06 l aGu.eSports l dead Detail
09.05.06 Unita Speciale D 'Armata Detail
09.05.06 Metal Soldiers.Vc hardcore cheaters:)) Detail
07.02.06 Soul Reavers Detail
06.02.06 The Legendary SkyRiders Cheaters ^^ Detail
25.01.06 kNocKz.vc Detail
24.01.06 Prototype Soldiers Detail
23.01.06 kNocKz.vc flame Detail
17.01.06 Czech Amateur Clan Detail
29.12.05 Tigri Gialle Assaltatrici IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY ON YOUR SERVEUR Detail
17.11.05 mal schauen was kommt Detail
10.11.05 New Generation Gamers Detail
08.11.05 advocato Diablo -VC- Detail
07.11.05 NecroRaisers Vietcong Detail
05.11.05 Grüne Teufel gg Detail
01.11.05 flash-gaming fakers, cheaters...just psychofreak.... Detail
30.10.05 Hrpa Govnara Detail
16.10.05 Team Phoenix Detail
12.10.05 NecroRaisers Vietcong Detail
09.10.05 sharKz gg sehr fair danke fürs match Detail
03.10.05 We Were Immortal.VC cheaters Detail
28.09.05 New Generation Gamers Detail
25.09.05 We Were Immortal.VC ;) Detail
18.09.05 sharKz gg zwar sehr spät aber ok Detail
18.09.05 New Generation Gamers Detail
12.09.05 ChaosS Team Detail
07.09.05 Alliance of Darkness Detail
27.08.05 Alpha Detail
25.08.05 Dutch Special Forces thnks for the war m8s Good Job you were better :) Detail
23.08.05 NecroRaisers Vietcong Detail
21.08.05 ResT in Peace Detail
16.08.05 Junglebrothers Detail
30.04.05 LEGIO.Europe Detail
30.03.05 Project-K2-VC Training hammer match hat voll spaß gemacht ihr seid echt nett und hat alles super geklappt gl und hf weiterhin in der esl Detail
27.03.05 Brothers with Guns 4on4 n1 game Detail
24.03.05 Junglebrothers cheating Detail
23.03.05 We Were Immortal.VC cheaters all your players has pp for cheating lol now we see that Detail
15.03.05 Team-Fighter -4on4- IN4kTIV war ok bis zum nächsten mal :-) Detail