Team Czech Republic.VC 2010 vs.
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 Team Czech Republic.VC 2010
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MatchID 20091746
Date Sunday, 17 October 20:00
Calculated Sunday, 17 October 22:41
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0 : 1
 wins !
Points 0 : +3
Sunday, 17 October 20:38
Round 1*
286 kB, Sunday, 17 October 20:38, by DiabolikCZ (CZ)
* No longer available

Slovakia National team

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Maps that has to be played this match are : Bahnar - Storm.

Start with bahnar, end with storm.

The opponent on the left side of this match can choose us or vc side first.

Remember. 6on6 is standard. If 1 team only has 5, you can play 5on5 since that is the ''Minimum!"

In all cases the match is 4x 20 minutes

Have fun all!

Regards, ESL Vc Admin Team
1. What day/time will you guys play?

2. What server out of the server list in the rules you want to use?

3. is there already a spectator selected out of the specteam? and who is it?

Regards, Bierkes
We will play Sunday, 17.10.10 20:00
server will be : Team Czech Republic
we dont have spectator yet
Important news and edit!! READ pls and use it!! link:

See comment #34!!

Best Regards,
ESL Vc Admin Team
dúfam že mate rešpekt už len s toho line-up :D
I hope it will be a good match, and it will be so exciting to play with "brothers".
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#6 :D
#7 Fantom of the Opera
PW on Server "Team Czech Republic 1 CW" is: ncwar
gg napinavy az do konce

What happened during this match? Did the SLO team not show up? I can only see UAC screens from the CZ team. Please enlighten me :)

Best regards,
Flat, ESL Admin
Hello Flat,

Team "Slovakia National Team" didnt show up . They said us , they dont have members , and they gave up finding them.

Best regards,
Lordinka,Czech team orga
loooool Brouczek 0:2 ;-DDDD
No show = Defwin
Brouczek was always noob :p
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remember my score men, cause its your last chance, when you can see it:D
yop, coz u wont play in next match :D
19, hh, it's true ;-DDD cause Brouczek is too looooooow ;-DDD
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