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MatchID 20091729
Date Sunday, 17 October 20:00
Calculated Monday, 18 October 01:25
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1 : 2
 wins !
Points 0 : +3
17/10/10 21:50
586 kB, 17/10/10 21:50, by bUENOiam (CZE^)
17/10/10 21:51
561 kB, 17/10/10 21:51, by bUENOiam (CZE^)
17/10/10 21:43
560 kB, 17/10/10 21:43, by bUENOiam (CZE^)
17/10/10 21:43
670 kB, 17/10/10 21:43, by bUENOiam (CZE^)
* No longer available

Team Czech Republic.VC 2010

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@ German player: Let's start a discussion about who of us will play on sunday
Maps that has to be played this match are : Bahnar - Storm.

Start with bahnar, end with storm.

The opponent on the left side of this match can choose us or vc side first.

Remember. 6on6 is standard. If 1 team only has 5, you can play 5on5 since that is the ''Minimum!"

In all cases the match is 4x 20 minutes

Have fun all!

Regards, ESL Vc Admin Team
1. What day/time will you guys play?

2. What server out of the server list in the rules you want to use?

3. is there already a spectator selected out of the specteam? and who is it?

Regards, Bierkes
1. i think we will play at sunday 20:00

2. i think p-team warserver

3. not yet....but soon ;)
1. Sunday 17.10. 20:00
2. where it will be a better ping ;-)
3. not yet, but soon ;>
1. :)
2. :)
3. :)
Hi Bierkes, what about the "Universal Anticheat" that finally works? Will it be mandatory? I hope so:-)
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team CZ used to rock on Storm, back then they had luboshmir though.
who wants to spectate?
i can spec
if its possible, i would like to spectate this match.
no prob
be my guest :)
Watch the match live via Webstream:
have you server? we have Team Czech Republic 2 CW server - pw czecze
gg, nice game!
gg, i guess we will meet again... on real maps :)
gg thanks for game
gg, nice game guys :)
gg :-)
gg :) annoying traps :D @snake
16, it was real maps ;>
it were random maps, on which you played very good.
Congratulations for that, still on the usually played maps the score will look different. You know that.

But as said: congratz, deserved win.
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Random maps, yes. We play all maps, not just the NVA, River and Indy ;>

btw, great game, exciting, thank you so much! Good luck in next matches @ cya
Uh, gg :-) Nice Sniper, nice traps. Too bad I forgot to stop my Rapidshareuploads. So it wasn t ur server who fucked up my Ping :-) You really deserved to win this match. Nice teamplay´. Cu in the final stage :-)
final stage my ass.

all your hopes for the final stage are gone after this terrible result HAHA.

if you manage to get a gap of less than 10 points against us, i will make a bow for you all :)
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i'd say 20 really
30 tbh

<hexo made me say it>
stop being arrogant hexo
well played cz trained hard and so you deserve to win ;)
The bow Link used to shoot with in Zelda? That would be nice!
Please upload the Replays.

Best regards

Eraser, ESL Admin
nice BJ ;)
:) gg
Please upload the Replays
Nice czech republic... Good Game :)
Cong. for all czech players... GJ
unglaublich... zu meiner Zeit hätte es sowas nicht gegeben...!
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unglaublich... zu meiner Zeit hätte es sowas nicht gegeben...!
sprücheklopper :D
hrhr noops^^
lol ^^
hätte rob mitgespielt, wärs anders ausgegangen!
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dimenzion wrote:
unglaublich... zu meiner Zeit hätte es sowas nicht gegeben...!

Iss ne kleine Jumbopizza in deinem PC Keller unten + nen Gläslein icetea und dir wird es besser gehen :-)
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47, their spectator
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NUFAN wrote:
Iss ne kleine Jumbopizza in deinem PC Keller unten + nen Gläslein icetea und dir wird es besser gehen :-)

ok mr high :D:D:D:D:DD
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