UT3 EU wide
Its time for a EU UT3 section, and from now on, everybody can join in!
We have heard some of your requests and your suggestions, so we are very proud to announce, that there will be a EU UT3 ESL Section opened today!! That means, players from all over europe can now join in and play their favourite game in the Electronic Sports League. Additionaly we invite you all to the forums, which can be used for discussion, clan/player search and everything else you want to chat about with other UT3 players. Now whats there to play? Probably everything you´ll ever need!

New Ladders
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And if this is not enough, use the forums to discuss what else should be added! Theres no need to wait any longer, sign up and play! If you want the chance to play against top UT3 players, sign up for our 128 Slot spring cup!

Spring Cup
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Your Admin Team
1249956, Thursday, 07/05/09 18:06
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Yesssssssss we can!Hoffentlich wird UT 3 aktiver,dann gehts ab :)
Hope lot of clans join this ;) $.$. coming ;)

but I have a another request , VCTF ladder , there is a lot clans who prefer that mood , u can see that on CB ;)
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At last. Goodie :)
Yes, vCTF it's a good idea.
yes finally we got our ladder xD!!!! Now the fun can begin!!!! HF and GL all contestants!
pls, some international ista players in the 1on1 ladder... only germans there :D
good luck & have fun, guys!
yay xd
fxxx, too late
great job!
But what about Warfare 5on5? This is definitively missing!
we need more player in UT3 1on1 instagib ladder. At the moment i see only german players and i need new opponents!
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