1on1 Spring League 2011
Looking for some entertainment? None 1on1 League so far ? After a long brake we decided it's time to refresh the section with a 1on1 Spring League in 2011 as a start. Read about the details inside:

League System

  • Double Elimination
  • First matchweek 28/02/11 to 06/03/13
  • One match per week, you can schedule your match whenever you want.
  • Default date is Sunday, 20:00CET

  • Match mode

  • Best of 3 - Player with the better stat choose the decider.
  • If stats are equals admin cion_flip decides the 3rd map
  • During the League you are NOT allowed to pick a map more than once per match

  • Matchmedia

  • According to our recent general rules update: end-game screenshots after each map from the winner-side players are mandatory. ServerSide Demo recording ( or ClientSide from the winner ) are mandatory.
  • All have to be uploaded after the match in 24h
  • If there are screenshots or demos missing, it will be punished with 1 penalty point per file-type and in some cases ( none media files ) with default loss if necessary.

  • Information

    ESL Website account -> Create
    UT3 Game accounts -> add
    IRC contact in your profile
    Presence on #esl.ut
    Weeks *
    From 28/02/11 to 06/03/11
    From 07/03/11 to 13/03/11
    From 14/03/11 to 20/03/11
    From 21/03/11 to 27/03/11
    From 28/03/11 to 03/04/11
    From 04/04/11 to 10/04/11
    From 11/04/11 to 17/04/11
    Final From 18/04/11 to 24/04/10
    Match Setting
    Slot: 16
    Tourney Structure: DE
    Game Mode: Duel
    Match Type: Best of 3
    Seedings: Random*
    Tournament Structure
    League Info and Rules

    Server Setting

    ESL 1on1 Spring League follow the standard Duel server setting, click HERE to show Setting.


    (Restriction: Participants >=32)

    1° Place

    2° Place
    2 Months ESL Premium Membership
    1 Months ESL Premium Membership

    1° Place
    Only if 32 players participate, will the winner receive the award.


    For further questions the admins are represented via support ticket and IRC ( #esl.ut )

    Good luck and have fun!
    your Admin Team.
    Gabi, Sunday, 13/02/11 17:11
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    Nice! Never played UT3 in 1on1 Mode before, but just for the fun i'll participate.. :)
    hehe i did but with a terrible results :D
    lets get it on. mission title defense
    i don't see that... =(
    everybody good luck!
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    see what?
    the news i guess
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