Unreal Tournament 3 1on1 Quick Cup #6

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Sign up: 24/01/08 15:00 - 27/01/08 15:00 (Sign Up)
Check In: 27/01/08 15:30 - 27/01/08 15:40 (Check-In)
Direct Sign Up: 27/01/08 15:40 - 27/01/08 15:40 (Sign Up) - (only if slots are left)

After you signed up, you need to confirm your participation during the Check-In period.

Round Times (all games on 27/01/08):
1. Round 16:00
2. Round 17:30
3. Round 19:00
4. Round 20:30
Semi-Final: 21.45
Final: 23:00 (Will be Broadcasted Live on Giga eSports)

Players have twenty minutes time to show up for their games, after twenty minutes the present player gets a forfeit win.

Match Rules
All matches are played best of three. In each player chooses a map for each round, if a decider map is needed the player with the better frag/death ratio may choose who starts deleting maps, until only one map remains. Already played maps are removed from the list before deleting maps starts.

IRC Channel
Your meeting point for all matches, and also the place where you can contact admins is #esl.ut (Quakenet).

Match Settings
- Game Version: Unreal Tournament 3
- Gamemode: UTGame.UTDuelGame
- Timelimit: 15
- Scorelimit: 0
- PlayersMustbeReady: True
- MaxPlayers: 2
- MinNetPlayers: 2
- Mutator:
  • MutDuelRemove.UTMutator_DuelRemove (if not available on the server, see below)
  • MutNoSpawnProtection.UTMutator_NoSpawnProtection

    Vehicles (e.g. the Darkwalker on Heatray) and Non-Shield/Health (except jump boots which are allowed!) Items are not to be used during duel. Also the redeemer weapon is not allowed to be used.

  • Matchmedia
    - both players/teams have to save screenshots at the end of a map, but
    at least one screenshot for each map must be uploaded on ESL. The obligation of uploading the screenshots has the winner.

    You can make Screenshots by Pressing "F9" at the end of the map, but you have to make Screenshots while the server still shows the map and the scoreboard must be visible on the screenshot, so hold down the "F1"-key for the scoreboard and then press "F9". (default keys)

    The screenshots are saved in "My Documents -> My Games -> Unreal Tournament 3 Demo -> UTGame -> Screenshots".

    You have to convert them into .jpg files before uploading them.

    1. Place: 3 Month ESL Premium
    2. Place: 2 Month ESL Premium
    3. Place: 1 Month ESL Premium



    • DM-1on1-Penetrated-LE *
    • DM-Deck
    • DM-Gritt
    • DM-HeatRay
    • DM-Sentinel


    • DM-1on1-Penetrated-LE *
    • DM-Deck
    • DM-Gritt
    • DM-HeatRay
    • DM-Sentinel


    • DM-1on1-Penetrated-LE *
    • DM-Deck
    • DM-Gritt
    • DM-HeatRay
    • DM-Sentinel

    * = Default


    Category: Cup
    Rankingsystem: cup
    Matchsystem: bestofthree
    Match adjournment: 14 days 28 days
    Match abort: inactive
    Autoconfirm: 60 min.
    Protest period: 3 days