1on1 Spring Cup 2013
Spring? Not really when looking outside. But that is no reason for us to hold on any longer for the next season. Sign-ups are open from as of this moment, join us today!

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Sign-up: until Monday, 01/04/13
Start: Sunday, 07/04/13 20:00
Size: 8 slot per Groups
Structure: Groups


Maps: VOTE
Mode: Best of 3
Matchmedia: Demos, ScreenShots (mandatory)
Anti-cheat: Anti TCC 2009 Release 6 (optional)

Player guide:

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Admin team
Gabi, Monday, 25/03/13 14:43
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the signup is bugged atm, just write down the player ID so i'll manually do this until its getting fixed
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signup is back online
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