Upcoming Cups
First of all we have a completely new page the Cup Portal, dedicated to our upcoming events. Here you can see all the running cups, divisions and recently played matches along with additional entries that helps you get things done fast & easy!


As the matter of changes we are still intend to focus on Duel but from now on it will be separated into:
  • Premierships (Groups: A,B,C,etc.)
  • Playoffs (Divisions: Premier,Second,Third,etc.)

  • The main goal is here to get involve more players with even more matches! From now on every player would need to play min. 7 matches before he or she falls out from the competition and thats just the worst scenario.

    In order to provide more comfort to the players, Wire Anti-Cheat no longer need to be used just the latest AntiTCC r6 server-side mutator!


    Groups are also isolate the players by skill level thus for-example A+B gives the strongest compositions of the players where they face each other to get the berth spots to the Premier League Playoff. C+D goes for the Second League Playoff and so on.


  • Premier League Playoff: Here we award the players with the most free Premiums and with a Award.
  • Second, Third, etc. League: Here we only award the winners with free Premiums.

  • The new Cup Portal provides you everything you need to get your matches done and gives a helping hand to find either your place in the tournaments or to follow your favorite player's progress!


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    Gabi, Sunday, 18/11/12 14:32
    Cup Portal
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