Country Championship 2012
I'm proud to announce the next Country Championship coming soon! The tradition of Team Deathmatch once again kicks in just like the predecessor did in 2011 with great success that we intend to continue with each passing year.

Previously 11 country took part in: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation and United Kingdom yet we are hope to see more and more nations to come!

United Kingdom

The "title-holder" is United Kingdom from 2011 but it is something that heavier to keep with years passing as each time new variation of players intend to do something about that so it is no easy task.

As usual the sign-up is closed since the teams are manually placed in this competition after a verification procedure. When shall the tournament begin ?


Further informations about the sign up procedure "know-how" will be posted here just stay tuned:

21/09/12 15:00 - CC 2012 Announced, further informations soon
26/09/12 17:00 - Cup page available

Admin team
Gabi, Friday, 21/09/12 08:47
Country Championship 2012
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follow the progress on the cc cup-page:
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