TDM 2on2 Spring League 2011
Are you looking for some Team based competitions with a friend perhaps ? Search no more ! Just create a sub-team with your friend from a main team and sign up ! It's also a good practice opportunity between the Nations League matches, read about the details inside:


  • Just go to your Team Control Center on the profile and seletc: register subteam

  • IMPORTANT: You can play with anyone from the main team in case your primary mate unavailable for some reason.

    Signup procedure

  • Just follow the steps above and sign-up with your sub-team.

  • Coverage

  • We are intend to coverage from the q_finals via LIVE! HDStream ( ) and Shoutcast ( ) with our Reporter-Team: Link

  • League System

  • Double Elimination
  • One Match per week.
  • Default date is Sunday 20:00CET

  • Match mode

  • Bo3, Team with the most frags choose the decider if necessary
  • If total frags are equal at 1:1 the decider will be chosen by Admin coin_flip
  • During the League teams are NOT allowed to pick a map more than once nor the same per match

  • Match-media

  • Screenshots from ALL of the winner-side players have to be uploaded after the Match in 24 hours.
  • ServerSideDemos or ClientSideDemos from ALL of the winner-side players in case of none SSD have to be uploaded after the Match in 24 hours.
  • These are your mandatory tasks and missing media-files may result in forfeit_loss if necessary
  • full lack of media files will auto lead to default-loss if necessary or re-match based on the actual case so double check the Server/UTComp settings for auto recording/endgamescreen

  • Informations

    ESL account Register
    UT2004 GUID Add
    IRC contact in your profile
    Round #1: 06/03/11 20:00
    Round #2: 13/03/11 20:00
    Round #3: 20/03/11 20:00
    Round #4: 27/03/11 20:00
    Round #5: 03/04/11 20:00
    Round #6: 10/04/11 20:00
    Round #7: 17/04/11 20:00
    Round #8: 24/04/11 20:00
    League Settings
    Slots: 16
    League System: DE
    Game Size: 2on2
    Match Type: bo3
    Tournament tree
    League info

    Server Setting

    The 2on2 Spring League follows the standard TDM Server Settings, click HERE if you need guidance and/or ask an Admin.


    1st Place

    2nd Place
    ( 2 Months ESL Premium Membership )
    ( 1 Month ESL Premium Membership )

    1st Place
    ( Only if 16 Teams participate, will the winner receive the award. )


    For situations not covered, the ESL Admin team will consult it and together they will make decisions in the interests of justice. Admins are represented via support tickets or protest and #esl.ut

    Gabi, Sunday, 13/02/11 18:46
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