2on2 Team DeathMatch May Cup
The Unreal Tournament 2004 ESL Section propose a 2on2 Team Deathmatch Cup.
The Tourney is based on Double Elimination Bracket up to 32 teams!* Starts on 19/05/2010.

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Tourney System

  • Double elimination Bracket
  • First matchweek 15/05/2010
  • One match per week, you can schedule your match whenever you want.
  • If you can't agree with your enemy, default date is Sunday, 20:00CET

  • Match mode

  • Best of 3; Most-frags choose the third map.
  • If the total frags equals at 1-1 the 3rd map is forced by admin coin flip
  • During the Cup you are NOT allowed to pick a map more than once / match

  • Matchmedia

  • There have to be at least the following files :Screenshots after each map from both players are mandatory so as Demos.
  • All have to be uploaded after the match (24h of time)
  • If there are missing screenshots/demos, it will be punished with 1 penalty points and in some cases with a default loss.

  • Informations

    ESL Website account -> Create
    ut2004 Game account -> add
    ESL Team -> add
    IRC o MSN contact in your profile
    ESL Registred Team with least 2 player
    Match Setting
    Slot: up to 32 Team
    Tourney Structure: Double elimination
    Game Mode: Team DeathMatch 2 vs 2
    Match Type: Best of 3
    Timelimit: 20mins
    Movable Match: Yes, 6 Days after
    Seedings: Random
    Tournament Structure
    League Info and Rules

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    Server Setting

    ESL 2on2 Team DeathMatch May Cup follow the standard TDM server setting, click HERE to show Setting.


    (Restriction: Participants >=32)

    1° Place

    2° Place
    2 Months ESL Premium Membership
    1 Months ESL Premium Membership

    1° Place
    Spring League Award


    For further questions the admins are represented via support ticket and IRC ( #esl.ut )

    yours Admin Team.
    TbK, Tuesday, 27/04/10 16:36
    UT 2004 TDM 2on2 TDM May Cup
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    remember: you need to create a sub-team from your main team with exactly 2 member | after that feel free to play with from any1 from your main team in the cup.
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