Some days ago we informed you about the changes in the UT2004 section. Additionally we told you that there will be a nice surprise some day soon. The day has come! More about this cup you can read in this news!
We are proudly announce that ESL & TOTALUNREAL brings you a money prize eurocup with €100 as for the start and as always, Premium membership also granted to the winners!

Important: ESL only provide the engine for this cup everything else (e.g: Rules, prize money, etc.) depends on TOTALUNREAL as they are the sponsor of this event!


Slots up to 128 players
Cup type group stage and playoffs (1on1)
Ruleset All about the settings you will find here
Mappool DM-Rankin-FE
Rounds Group-stage
Schedule Signup open until, 28 Feb 23:59 CET
Cup start on, 1 Mar 00:00 CET


1st place
€50 and 3 Month ESL Membership

2nd place
€30 and 2 Month ESL Membership

3rd place
€20 and 1 Month ESL Membership

Signup to TOTALUNREAL - EuroCup!

Need a server?

First of all this is a European cup which means only .eu servers are allowed to use however non EU players are still able to sign up but only without the ping-table privilege and other settings like netcode.
Those who worry about not having an own server to the matches: TOTALUNREAL will support this event with a Cup server that located in Germany. Since it's in the center of Europe with a good bandwidth, it's should be fine for most of the players.


The most important thing is the availability which means anyone who would like to take part in must be available on IRC to prevent contact issues.
This means the obligatory presence on the following channels:
#esl.ut and

Not familiar with IRC? Use the Webchat

For situations not covered, the Admin team will consult it and together they will make decisions in the interests of justice. Just write a support ticket.

Your Admin Team
852663, Tuesday, 09/02/10 10:59
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Gogo :)
Hf in the new system guys :)

until than something to improve the atmosphere: | the cupmovie about the previous tucup!
Nice work.
really nice :)
good job guys!
gl@ALL ;)
Yay nice.
Well, fuck :( i do not play ut2k4 duel..

ut3 ftw
My last duell is about two years ago, but I think I'll join this one :)
nice da ;D

ay zelvz in the cup ill pwn you - of course - ...hope you remember me O.o

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aryn wrote:
nice da ;D ay zelvz in the cup ill pwn you - of course - ...hope you remember me O.o ;D

haha :D
Any specific time schedules - signups until - creating groups / sorting brackets and so on - yet?
signup is open until the end of this month (day 28, 23:59CET)
1st match-week began at day1 of march which is Monday :)

group ideas will be shown during the next week
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OMFG only "bauern" in this cup :D
easy :D all money mine ^^
Sounds awesome :D
rooofel u old fuckers are still active :D
and lol@silvers medals :P
l0L utbois re
whats about shoutcasting/tv ?
okay now groups are open so all of you can schedule your matches from now!
hf & gl ppl:)
If you win a premiership thingy, can you watch ESL TV with that?(for the quakelive tournaments) they are awesome to follow. =]
well you can change PD's to ESLTVD's :p
so if you get the 3 months as e.g., you can change them to 30 months ESLTV with hq stream. :)
silver wrote:
so if you get the 3 months as e.g., you can change them to 30 months ESLTV with hq stream. :)

haha DREAMS :D dunno about the change stuff but if you end up in the first 3 place, you can buy esltv for sure by the money you get ^^
days i mean :p
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