Just like before the time has come to vote for our captains! Simple as that just leave your vote in the comments and keep in mind: only the -> Nationality <- matters both for who you can legitimately vote for and who can be picked by the captains
Gabi, Monday, 01/10/12 10:33
UT 2004 CC 2012
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p.s, captains must vote them-self in here & now which means they feel them-self capable putting a team together

those who just intend to play are free to support them by marking his/her name in the comments which will come handy if theres more than one captain applicant for a country - that case we will count the votes for each applicant and make decision mainly based on that
Applying for captain of Team France
For Mother Russia :)
(wanna be a captain)
Hungary here it comes :)
we can't field a team anyways
mino for belgium
Calum for Germany
Applying for Captain of Team Germany
nite for hungary!
ACo for Team-France
wingz wrote:
we can't field a team anyways
perhaps a mixture of those like your country could go under "EU" imo. if interested
Kai for Poland
Applying for captain of Poland.
Kai for Poland
Kai for Poland
Applying for Team NL
Don't care about being captain.
rmzs = team scandinavia
vote sebo for germany
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astz for uk duh! noobs!
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