Team Pandora   id:  8123867
Welcome to the Team Pandora, we are a community based around the idea that gaming should be relaxed and fun, after all no one plays their favourite game because it makes them cry. As a community our main focus is on the free to play game Urban Terror although we do play other games such as APB, League of Legends, Guild Wars, Arma, Planeside 2, and etc. The Team Pandora was established in early 2011, since then we have grown not only as a community but as people that we are!!! What sustains our success and makes us different from other teams games? In Team Pandora we have a squad of highly talented and dedicated players that is organized and directed by the great management. We understand the importance of people making donations and people who attend every day our servers, how they facilitate our successful gameplay and helping that all our services remain online. In return, we offer a good environment, fun, and fellowship !! everyone is welcome to join this project!!