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Leroy 'LjayESL' Gipson  id: 9605629

Name Leroy Gipson
Nick LjayESL
Member since 29/11/15
Age / Gender 29 Years / male
Country, City Germany, Karlsruhe  (76xxx)
Occupation Freelancer > ESL Gaming
Main team Global Staff Heads
Head of ESL Play Germany
PlayStation LIGA Management
Global Staff Head Madden
Staff Head of Rocket League, FIFA & For Honor, NHL Germany
Global Forum Moderator  more...  
Level & Awards
Rocket League
FIFA 20 (PS4)
Madden NFL 19 (PS4)
Online Head Ball
  Staff   Staff ESL Global 
Leagues & tournaments
Recent matches
  SG Stern
win pLease  Monday, 25/11/19 17:00
win (bye)  Monday, 25/11/19 16:00
win (bye)  Monday, 25/11/19 15:00
win (bye)  Monday, 25/11/19 14:00
win (bye)  Monday, 25/11/19 13:00
  SG Stern
win Cathanys  Monday, 25/11/19 14:00
win pLease  Monday, 25/11/19 13:00
  SG Stern
loss pLease  Monday, 25/11/19 13:30
win (bye)  Monday, 25/11/19 13:00
  SG Stern
loss Cathanys  Monday, 25/11/19 13:30
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