dwx eSports.SPS vs. Qu!ck Gaming
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 dwx eSports.SPS
 Qu!ck Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 26353739
Date Sunday, 17 June 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 17 June 18:42
Round Semifinals
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dwx eSports.SPS wins ! (Default Win)
Sunday, 17 June 18:33
proof screenshot 18:11*
737 kB, Sunday, 17 June 18:33, by Dan (dwx)
Sunday, 17 June 18:34
proof screenshot 18:21*
767 kB, Sunday, 17 June 18:34, by Dan (dwx)
* No longer available

dwx eSports.SPS

Qu!ck Gaming
11/06/12 18:18
Wow! this is really incredible. Before the start of the season we have put together a pretty good lineup. Unfortunately not all drivers were very active. But what we have made ​​it this far, I have not thought of before. So I speak a word of praise from our drivers for the strong performance! For disposals much success in the future. And hope to the ESL team, it is very nice season keep it up to run in the speed range. Unfortunately I can not go anymore because I have denied my last match on the last matchday. Good luck and of course DWX Quick. Match to a Fair! ;)
dwx eSports.SPS
12/06/12 13:18
Nice :D After the loss against Aurora racing we all thought that its over with rising up into division 1. Now we get another chance by facing the winner of group b.
DWX was founded just some month ago and the sps gave us a chance to build up a warteam with much potential, shown in some great matches and a pretty nice performance, thank you guys :).
Lets try if this is enough to get up into and survive in division 1.
Lets have a nice match, good luck Quick!
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