Lethal Angelz.tmnf vs. Team Blacktown
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 Lethal Angelz.tmnf
 Team Blacktown
Status: closed
MatchID 24154465
Date Sunday, 23 October 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 23 October 18:40
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tba 0 : 7
tba 0 : 7
Team Blacktown wins !
Points 0 : +3
Sunday, 23 October 18:42
Eyes of Fury*
521 kB, Sunday, 23 October 18:42, by renki (bT | Speed)
Sunday, 23 October 18:42
[FS] Angelus*
508 kB, Sunday, 23 October 18:42, by renki (bT | Speed)
* No longer available

Lethal Angelz.tmnf

Team Blacktown

... When the season starts, we were still full of motivation. But now fifa crossed our plan to train for this turnament. Only a few guys are plaing tm right now so i think it would be very easy for b´town. Its the last Speedturnament in the ESL and maybe the last turnament for me and LA´z. Lets have some fun in the last matches!
Team Blacktown
11/10/11 12:47
LA'z is a good team which we won't underestimate, but we think we can win if we train enough. We have an ex-clanmember of the "Lethal Angelz" in Team Blacktown and "Eyes of Fury" is an old warmap of them, so we have good prerequisites. I think this will be an exciting match.

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09/10/11 13:35  #1
Hi! We can host, def time is okay and i think 3on3 would be fine!
09/10/11 14:10  #2
hey LA'z :)

we aggree

Maybe the matchdate isn't ok for us, but we let you know it in time

Do you have a relay-server? ..
11/10/11 02:09  #3
Jep a relay is no problem. Serverdetails will follow on Saturday.

I hope for an nice and interesting match. What about the time? New infos?

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11/10/11 05:18  #4
time should be good for us..

edit: when do you want to drive?

1 edits 
16/10/11 07:23  #5
will the match take place today? or not?...
16/10/11 12:55  #6
can we have the server-login and password?

if we can't drive on yours, you can come to our:

search for "town"
pw: afk

relay: search for "town"
16/10/11 13:03  #7
Failteam!! Look at the protest! i hope renki informed you!
16/10/11 13:06  #8
but the admin doesn't accept anything
16/10/11 13:29  #9
16/10/11 13:57  #10
ESL Admin Team
You asked me to change the matchdate but you only agreed 10 minutes before, what should have I accepted? I set the match as you asked. But you still can change if you want...
17/10/11 13:38  #11
23/10/11 11:26  #12

Warserver: LAz.War/Train
Location: Deutschland -> NRW -> Duesseldorf
Direktlink: tmtp://#join=laz_train
PW:lazwar (will be 5 min before the race)

Relayserver: LAz.Relay
Location: Deutschland ->NRW -> Duesseldorf
Direktlink: tmtp://#spectate=lazrelay1
23/10/11 12:31  #13
gg! :)
23/10/11 12:33  #14
23/10/11 12:37  #15
23/10/11 12:39  #16
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