eSports United.SPS VI vs. Team Blacktown
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 16.  10.

 eSports United.SPS VI
 Team Blacktown
Status: closed
MatchID 24154496
Date Sunday, 27 November 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 27 November 20:21
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tba 7 : 2
tba 7 : 6
eSports United.SPS VI wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 27 November 20:15
uploaded with ESL Wire Trackmania United -2011-11-27 19-52-27-.jpg*
283 kB, Sunday, 27 November 20:15, by 3364576 (eSU)
Sunday, 27 November 20:15
uploaded with ESL Wire Trackmania United -2011-11-27 20-11-41-.jpg*
293 kB, Sunday, 27 November 20:15, by 3364576 (eSU)
* No longer available

eSports United.SPS VI

Team Blacktown

Ok today is the last match of this season of the SCS!

Our opponent will be Blacktown and they are really constant on their homemap. Besides 2 of their drivers got some good times on our homemap and it could a really close fight between eSU and btown!
On the other hand, Wingthor got the WR on their Homemap FS Angelus and Harry the 3rd dedi. BUT!!!! Harry's Pad broke last night and he will probably not participate in this match...Although eSU is known to fail a lot in the matches during this SCS 2 season...

Therefore i think it will be a very very close fight and the winner cant be predicted :)

Gl Hf btown and lets have a nice last match :) <3
Team Blacktown
26/11/11 16:33
Statement Team Blacktown
The last Match for this Speed Championship, and maybe the last Speed-Match in the whole ESL - but we do not hope so!

We have to drive against eSports United. This team has many great drivers and they showed a good performance since the beginning of the SCS. We want to collect our last motivation for this last match, and we will train much more than against Monarch!

We want to thank all Admins which made the SCS possible, and all the teams which fought for the first place! It was an exciting and amusing cup! We hope there will be another one!

Team Blacktown
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