Bullracing vs. sigN Speed Team
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 1.  19.

 sigN Speed Team
Status: closed
MatchID 24154492
Date Sunday, 27 November 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 27 November 19:04
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tba 7 : 0
tba 7 : 1
Bullracing wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 27 November 18:27
Moving Power*
380 kB, Sunday, 27 November 18:27, by LX (Bullracing)
Sunday, 27 November 18:27
338 kB, Sunday, 27 November 18:27, by LX (Bullracing)
* No longer available


sigN Speed Team

27/11/11 10:32
It doesn´t really matter whether we win or lose this match, because we will win this season anyway. But of course we will try to beat sigN, so that we can proudly look back on two successful championships without any loss. Thanks to my team <3

So there is only one thing left to say:
Good luck & have fun! ;)
sigN Speed Team
27/11/11 09:41
Statement of SigN.Gaming:
Statement of SigN.Gaming:
Unfortanatly Lüdenscheid Nord has won the derby with 2:0. But we can say that this was the referees fault. Now we hope that Bayern does not win against Mainz and that Bremen plays draw against Stuttgart so that Schalke 04 (the best of the pot) will still be 4th and still have a chance for win the Bundesliga.
Still wrong topic today against Bullracing and Funky gl :D
Greets RR
p.s. we could also write about Vettel :D
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