Monarch vs. Team Blacktown
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 4.  10.

 Team Blacktown
Status: closed
MatchID 24154490
Date Sunday, 20 November 20:30
Calculated Sunday, 20 November 21:23
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Result Media
tba 7 : 0
tba 4 : 7
overall 1 : 0
Monarch wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 20 November 21:21
Round 1*
200 kB, Sunday, 20 November 21:21, by rage
Sunday, 20 November 21:22
Round 2*
206 kB, Sunday, 20 November 21:22, by rage
* No longer available


Team Blacktown

20/11/11 07:17
Monarch statement
Here we go for our last match for this SCS ;)
Last because the "real last one" is against SNG which is inactiv...
So we hope doing a very exciting match against Team Black Town where there are some very good players, like renki or transporter. Renki did his amazing pb on their track during the match against TBR, and I personnaly hope that he won't do the same thing against us !

Good Luck and Have Fun all :)
Team Blacktown
17/11/11 15:19
Statement Team Blacktown
Monarch - a new founded team from France that can drive very fast! Maybe too fast for us, but we do not want to make it easy for them. We will be trained very well to win the match and get the 3 points. We wish Good Luck and Fun to both teams. It will be an exciting match for us.

Team Blacktown
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