Bullracing vs. Easy.eSports
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 1.  7.

Status: closed
MatchID 24154487
Date Sunday, 20 November 18:00
Calculated Monday, 21 November 01:18
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tba 7 : 0
tba 4 : 7
1 : 0
Bullracing wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 20 November 19:19
Burn Too Slow*
317 kB, Sunday, 20 November 19:19, by LX (Bullracing)
Sunday, 20 November 19:19
Moving Power*
331 kB, Sunday, 20 November 19:19, by LX (Bullracing)
* No longer available


19/11/11 13:07
Hi Bullracing,

we are eager to play and we are awaiting this match with anticipation, so we can test our strengh against the champion of the last season. We hope it will be an exiting and fair match. So good luck and have fun!

Oh did i mention that the final version of Minecraft came out yesterday? I didn't? Okay then you know now, so go play mc ^^
20/11/11 09:54
So there are only two matches left. I guess everyone knows that we want to win this, too. But it looks like that´s going to be harder than some other matches before.
Both teams are very strong on their homemap. So it´s surely going to be a close match and I hope we won´t get easy-killed ;)
Good luck & have fun!

... and Minecraft sucks.
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