vs. Team Blacktown
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 21.  13.
 Team Blacktown
Status: closed
MatchID 24154486
Date Sunday, 13 November 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 13 November 19:18
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tba 0 : 7
tba 2 : 7
Team Blacktown wins !
Points 0 : +3
Sunday, 13 November 18:32
552 kB, Sunday, 13 November 18:32, by renki (bT | Speed)
Sunday, 13 November 18:32
New Era*
538 kB, Sunday, 13 November 18:32, by renki (bT | Speed)
Sunday, 13 November 18:39
393 kB, Sunday, 13 November 18:39, by rage
* No longer available

Team Blacktown

12/11/11 03:34
here we go for another match vs a german team...
They are strong and fast , and we are drunk and stoned...

Even if we dont show our best in this competition, due to lack of activity from our best plyers, we do what we can in each game, but always with good mentality and fair play...

Have fun both teams, may the fresh beers be with you.
Team Blacktown
11/11/11 17:49
Statement Team Blacktown
Only 3 matches are open until the end of the Speed Championship #2 - and one of these, we dispute against a french team called BOT! We do not know them exactly, but they did not show the best performance. So we think we can get the 3 points. We look forward to a nice match and wish Good Luck and Fun of course!

Team Blacktown
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